Small facelift: Kia Sportage in model year 2014

Alongside the c’eed, the Sportage is Kia’s most successful model on the German market. So it’s no wonder that it’s one of the Asian SUVs that can be seen most often in Germany – and was seen a few years ago. A facelift version of the Sportage has been available since February 2014.


At first glance, it only brings a few changes, but at least Kia connoisseurs should notice them. In addition, the 2014 Kia ​​Sportage has a number of new features. Depending on the version and special equipment, this includes, for example, a premium sound system (including a new arrangement of the loudspeakers), new LED rear lights, the variable power steering Flex Steer (known from the Hyundai i30), an electrically adjustable driver’s seat, a heated steering wheel and an electronic one Trailer stabilization that comes into its own when the SUV is used as a towing vehicle.

The "old" Kia Sportage from 2013

The “old” Kia Sportage from 2013 (Photo: Fabian Messner,

A detailed driving report on the Sportage Spirit 2.0 CRDi HP 4WD can be read at

“Following Kia’s claim “The Power to Surprise”, the Sportage really surprised me positively in almost every respect. If you consider that the Sportage Spirit presented here for 35,000 euros not only has the largest diesel, but also all-wheel drive and every available equipment, it should be clear that it is serious competition for the relevant German SUVs: in terms of consumption and processing in the interior it cannot quite play in the premium segment, but it is very convincing in all other disciplines. If it is to serve as a family vehicle for several years, Kia’s 7-year manufacturer and mobility guarantee should also be of interest to many buyers.” (, June 2013)

A new 2.0 liter petrol direct injection engine with 166 hp (122 kW) is available from MY s014. Improved noise insulation should also contribute to greater driving comfort. You want to upgrade the interior with more soft-touch materials. There are also new safety technologies: trailer stabilization (integrated in the electronic stability program) and a tire pressure monitoring system are standard equipment. Active systems such as City Emergency Brake Assist or Lane Keeping Assist would be desirable for later facelifts or generations.

The Kia Sportage in model year 2014. Photo: Kia.

The Kia Sportage in model year 2014. Photo: Kia

The third generation of the Sportage (SL) has been on the market since 2010. Also from the previous generations there are numerous offers of the Sportage (at that time still clearly unattractive) in the mobile vehicle market. New Kia cars are particularly attractive because of the “Kia Quality Promise”, a 7-year manufacturer’s and mobility guarantee.

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