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Small garden ideas – with a few design tricks you can have a green oasis

If you only have a small garden, don’t be discouraged. There are clever design ideas, thanks to which you can make targeted use of every square centimeter outside and create a true oasis embedded in a lot of green. In the big cities in particular, the small gardens are more of a problem than a successful way to spend a few hours outdoors, many people say. If you belong to this group too, then you are wrong. In the following we want to prove this to you and use photo examples to reveal new garden design tips and tricks. Follow ours Ideas for little ones gardenso that you can look forward to a stylish and perfectly designed small outdoor area soon!

attraktiv aussehender kleiner garten

A small back yard garden can turn into your favorite green oasis in the open air.

  • Symmetrical garden design is very popular these days

The symmetry in garden design is nothing new, it has been very popular for centuries, and it is and remains very popular in the English garden. Yes, but you have a lot of space, you would certainly object at this point! That’s right, but what prevents the use of straight lines in a small garden area? Nothing stands in the way! A symmetrical garden design makes the small garden look very neat and tidy, where the individual zones are properly separated. In this way, you also gain viewing distance and enjoy a classic look.

kleiner Garten symmetrische Gartengestaltung

The symmetry in the small garden is a well-known design technique

wunderschöne kleine Gärten

The symmetrical garden design is a clear sign of your style and taste.

  • Separate special zones and yet ensure a uniform garden look

Yes, that is the art of masterfully designing the small garden. Certain zones could undoubtedly be formed even on a small area, which are seamlessly inscribed in the overall garden image. For example, you can grow a round island or square with lush garden plants by planting the taller flowers in the middle. If you prefer to choose perennial perennials, you will have a beautiful island of flowers outside every year. The low-growing flowers, which also show their blossoms in bright colors, can be grown on the edge and get a wonderful picture. Lots of green in combination with beautiful and fragrant garden flowers has a calming effect and has a positive influence on our emotional wellbeing.

Kleine Gärten mit romantischer Atmosphäre

What you are growing now has to correspond exactly to your garden design concept so that you can admire your little green garden outside in a month.

Gartenblumen und Pflanzen kleiner garten deko ideen

Lush green belongs in every garden, no matter small or large! Also create an eye catcher out of garden flowers if it were possible!

Of course, the small gardens always exude a lot of romance and security. Take advantage of this property of the small garden area and design your oasis of wellbeing outdoors. That could be a corner with a deck chair, where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day at work. Or, if you have enough space, you can position a dining table and chairs outside and have your first cup of coffee in the fresh air or organize a pleasant get-together with friends, drink beer and chat in the evening. A wonderful idea would also be to create a small play area for your children so that you can always have them in front of your eyes. There are no limits to the zoning of the small garden area – on the contrary, here you can really put your imagination and ingenuity into play!

Gartenideen für kleine Gärten

An outdoor furniture set should also fit well in the small garden!

ideen kleinen garten

The small garden is often used as an extension of the living space in summer.

  • Skilfully choosing design elements – you can’t go wrong with that

You can also make the small garden very cozy. A variety of design elements are available to you. First, think of beautiful terracotta pots, tall planters made of natural materials and elegant benches or outdoor sets. What exactly you can place there always depends on the garden area, your budget and taste, and in general on what you can afford outside. A water element has a calming effect, the right garden lighting makes the small garden look cozy and appealing in the evening, parasols and sun sails protect you from the glaring rays of the sun. For modern garden design, these are no longer extras, but rather must-haves. Think carefully about whether and where you would have space for these in your small garden.

kleinen garten gestalten interessante ideen

A water element has a very calming effect, a parasol protects you from the bright sun when you linger outside

kleiner Garten passende Gartenbeleuchtung

The right garden lighting makes the small garden look very comfortable and appealing until late at night

We wish you the best of luck with the design of your little garden and of course that you will spend many pleasant hours outdoors with family and friends!

kleinen Garten gestalten eine grüne Oase

Only because of your limited garden area you cannot do without interesting features. The photo shows how to add a built-in gas stove and enjoy plenty of warmth on cool evenings

Kleiner Garten dekorieren gestalten ideen

Climbing plants (here climbing roses) are a perfect design option for small gardens

kleine Gärten wiederverwendete natürliche Elemente Holz Stahl Fliesen

When designing small gardens, you can use natural or recycled materials – wood, metal, tiles

Modern Ideen zu Kleine Gärten Gestalten

Introduce some bold colors into your garden design

gartenideen für kleine gärten interessante deko ideen

You can transform the small garden into a tiny oasis of wellbeing outdoors

kleiner Garten kühle Farben Blumen in Violett Flieder Blau

In the small garden, you can also introduce cool shades – flowers of purple, lilac and blue

Kleine Gärten optimal gestalten

A small front garden embedded in lush greenery

Kleinen Garten Gestalten schön Ideen

Different garden plants can be used to separate individual garden zones

Kleinen Garten Gestalten

Leave the central area in the small garden free of garden plants if you want to organize parties there

Perfekt Kleiner Garten Gestalten

Green wall and seating area in front of the open fireplace – could you ask for more in the small garden?

Grüne und farbenfrohe Gartenpflanzen Garten Design Deko Ideen

Green and colorful garden plants spice up the small garden

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