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Smart bathroom ideas – let yourself be inspired!

For many people, the modern bathroom is the perfect bathroom. But how could we design it so that it appears like our dream bathroom and at the same time fulfills its functional purposes? We have the answer to this question and it is: smart ideas for the bathroom! In the following we will show you clever design ideas for the modern bathroom and give you a few practical tips for furnishing it. In our picture gallery you can also look at great examples that can only inspire you to design your own bathroom. Do we want to get to work now?

smart bathroom ideas

Pure grandeur in the bathroom, subtle colors and clear lines make the perfect bathroom.

  1. Determine style and design ideas

The modern bathroom should skilfully inscribe itself into the overall design of your apartment. Therefore, first of all, you have to determine the style in which you want to create your own personal space. The modern and functional bathroom can be classic or a little rustic, designed in a minimalist or Asian style. All of these styles are good and smart enough and lead to one goal: creating the perfect bathroom. Then you have to think about the details too. For example, what color would your bathroom look best in? First choose a uniform color concept and decide on the right nuances. Do you want to design walls and floors in visual harmony or do you prefer contrast? Do you need a few touches of color there or would you prefer it to be monotonous? Yes, with every room design there are questions after questions … Our tip is: use subtle colors and clear lines in bathroom design and you couldn’t go wrong. Pastel colors help you enormously to make the small bathroom appear larger. Don’t worry about your bathroom looking a little monochrome. You could easily break up a solid color bathroom design by using brightly colored towels or placing evergreen houseplants there. There are many design ideas open to you, you just have to access them!


The visual contrast is always striking! White bathtub stands on a dark tiled floor and immediately attracts everyone’s attention!


Smart bathroom ideas help you design the perfect bathroom

  1. When it comes to bathroom design, think innovatively and take a practical approach

Are we asking too much? Certainly not! Because modern people are well informed, they know the latest innovations in the relevant area and know how to proceed with them. In matters smart bathroom ideas everyone is spoiled for choice. We just want to say a little in this regard: reconsider the idea of ​​a freestanding bathtub, because this is what defines the modern bathroom. The walk-in showers, which are perfectly integrated into the bathroom design, are something else that is very innovative. You will find a variety of chic bathroom furniture on the market that are functional and at the same time correspond to the latest design trends. You can find everything your heart desires, from the elegant washbasin to the necessary cupboards to wall panels made from a wide variety of materials and in different styles! Or rather, what fits your bathroom concept best!

modern bathroom ideas

A walk-in shower undoubtedly belongs to the smartly designed bathroom


The perfect bathroom is spacious and cleverly designed

  1. Indispensable necessity or that certain something in the bathroom

Your bathroom needs that certain something so that you can design your own oasis of wellbeing at home. It has to reflect your personality, express your character correctly. In other words, the perfect bathroom needs a well-developed personal flair. You can achieve this with suitable bathroom lighting and small but important decorative items. The lighting must first and foremost be functional, directional light is a must here. Consider modern wall lights, for example on both sides of the wall mirror or built-in spotlights that can create a unique atmosphere in the bathroom. Plants that do well in damp conditions are also a smart idea for decorating the bathroom. Bathroom shelves, where you can display your cosmetics, scented candles or other highlights, would help you a lot to introduce an individual touch into the modern bathroom. Isn’t that smart?

Modern-design bathroom-with-shower

Contrasts in the bathroom add to the peculiar atmosphere

Take some time and look at our picture examples for cleverly designed modern bathrooms and let yourself be further inspired!


A bright bathroom is always appealing


Smart bathroom ideas an oasis of wellbeing in white

wall color-marble-tile-bathroom

Just perfect! Smart ideas for the bathroom! Marble and light wood in combination


Modern bathroom in brown tones, very stylish and full of character

rustic bathroom vanity

Bring a rustic flair into the modern bathroom and design it stylishly

wood bathroom design ideas

Modern vanity


Contrast in the bathroom black and white

rustic bathroom

Rustic bathroom wood wall ideas


Modern vanity console


Hanging lamp


Modernity in the bathroom wall accent


Modern ba wooden wall white wall tiles


Minimalism in the bathroom


Modern bathroom black floor tiles

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