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Smart furnishing and optimal use of small rooms

Anyone who knows the living situation in Germany knows exactly how up-to-date the topic of furnishing and optimally utilizing small rooms is. The dream of a big house or a luxury apartment in the big city is unrealizable for most people. Therefore, they have to come to terms with their limited living space. For this reason we want to address the topic again today and give you a few rules for furnishing and designing small rooms. If you are interested in the topic, stay with us and get more information and inspiration for practical designs at home.

A small room can be so cozy.

Kleine Räume einrichten Schlafraum Bett vor dem Fenster gelb

You don’t need a lot of space for a coffee corner.

Kleine Räume einrichten Nische Sitzbank Kaffeetisch zwei Stühle

  • rule Set up # 1 for small rooms: Make the most of space

There are places in every home that are difficult to use. For example, directly in front of the window or in a niche, above or below the stairs, etc. You have to focus your attention on such places and decide what to do with it. Can you put a sleeping bed there and create a corner for reading and lazing around? Or do you have little space next to the kitchen, where you can only put a dining table and a few chairs. Or in the small kitchen, it would be best to get hold of open shelves. You can arrange a lot of things there and have them always at hand.

Open shelves are a must in the small kitchen.

Kleine Räume einrichten offenes Regal in der kleinen Küche sehr praktisch und schön

  • rule Set up # 2 for small rooms: Order and clarity are very important here

A lot of problems are avoided when there is the best order in the home. Create enough storage space in your small apartment and make sure that the unusable stuff is stowed away there. Do not leave items of clothing and shoes lying around, as they disturb the view and create a feeling of dissatisfaction and in many cases even anger. You first have to accept that you don’t have a lot of living space and keep trying to make the most of the small spaces.

Sufficient storage space is the basis for the best order, even in small rooms.

Kleine Räume einrichten genügend Stauraum Ordnung im Schlafzimmer

A bedroom under the sloping attic can be very romantic.

Platz unter der Dachschräge nutzen Schlafzimmer einrichten kleine Räume gestalten

  • rule Set up # 3 for small rooms: design individual zones

In a 1-room apartment you should first consider your needs and priorities and only then move on to furnishing the room. Our tip is: design individual zones that fit into a common living concept. When designing them, you can think about room dividers that separate the individual areas from each other visually and functionally. So you don’t have to forego anything and treat yourself to cosiness even in a small area. It is best to get multifunctional furniture that can be easily moved or converted. An armchair on wheels, for example, that turns into a bed in no time at all.

There is always space for a home office, even with an open living concept.

Offenes Wohnkonzept Zonen absondern Home Office gestalten kleine Räume einrichten

The ladder leads to the home office, which is located above the kitchen.

Home Office oben gelegen offenes Wohnkonzept Leiter kleine Räume einrichten

  • rule Set up # 4 for small spaces: light color must be your first choice

When designing small apartments, colors play a crucial role. It is well known that light pastel shades visually enlarge small spaces. In this regard, you have a wide range of options to choose from. The classic would be to design the small room entirely in white, which gives you a sense of space. Then the room doesn’t feel cramped and overland. To help you overcome the monotony, you can allow yourself some color accents. These are always useful because they are eye-catching and bring a personal flair to small rooms.

Follow the rules outlined above for setting up small spaces and you will create a cozy home on a small floor space. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

Small bedroom furnished entirely in white. There is a color accent on the wall that breaks through the monotony.

Kleines Schlafzimmer ganz in Weiß Farbakzent an der Wand kleine Räume einrichten

Colorful throw pillows and green houseplants freshen up small rooms.

Kleine Räume erfrischen bunte Wurfkissen grüne Pflanzen kleines Wohnzimmer

The small niche was used to build a modern kitchenette there.

Kleine Nische ausnutzen für moderne Küchenzeile kleine Räume einrichten

Now scroll through our picture gallery for more inspiration for setting up small rooms.

Essbereich im Wohnzimmer Zonen bilden absondern kleine Räume

enge Küche kleine Räume einrichten Essbereich ansprechend und hell

kleine Räume Küche im rustikalen Stil Esstisch Stuhl

kleine Räume einrichten Wohnzimmer modern und gemütlich

Schlafzimmer Sessel vor dem Fenster Lampe Kisten

Kaffeeecke im Wohnzimmer offenes Wohnkonzept

kleine Räume moderne Küche in Weiß Nische ausnutzen Wanduhr

Fahrrad an der Wand gehängt über dem Kamin kleine Räume Platz ausnutzen

Sitzecke Esstisch in der Nische kleine Räume einrichten

Leseecke im Wohnzimmer einrichten kleine Räume clever ausnutzen

gemütliches Schlafzimmer auf dem Dachboden kleine Räume ausnutzen

gemütliches Schlafzimmer auf dem Dachboden

interessant geformte Spiegel visuelle Täuschung kleine Räume einrichten

Küche im rustikalen Stil Esstisch aus Holz Sitzbank kleine Räume einrichten

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