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Smart tips on how to choose the best trampoline for your garden

Outside the temperatures rise higher and higher and the sun shines more often and stronger. When the weather is nice, everyone wants to spend as long as possible in the fresh air. The children in particular want to let off steam in the garden and have a lot of fun playing. But how can you ensure that the little ones have enough exercise and a good mood? If you are asking yourself this question, then you’ve come to the right place! Because we have the answer: Buy a trampoline for the garden and jumping fun is guaranteed for young and old! This is sure to conjure up a happy smile on the faces of your little ones. You can play on the trampoline, train your muscles and strengthen your health all summer long. But adults can also do an outdoor workout on it.

A trampoline in the garden offers lots of fun and physical exercise for young and old!

Trampolin im Garten Leiter Sicherheitsnetz XXL Format Mädchen beim Springen

In the following we explain what is important when buying a garden trampoline and how you choose the right model for your family and children. Our clever tips can certainly be of use to you to make it easier for you to choose the best trampoline for your garden.

A trampoline in your own garden promises top-class jumping fun!

Trampolin im Garten rechteckige Form Sicherheitsnetz zwei fröhliche Kinder beim Spielen

What should you consider before buying a trampoline?

There are currently numerous trampolines on the market and in online shops. The individual models score with their technical and aesthetic properties and can also meet the highest demands of customers. So that you are not spoiled for choice, you need to find out about the available offers before you make your choice. You should definitely consider the following:

Do you want to buy an adjustable garden trampoline or an in-ground trampoline?

First you need to decide if you would like one adjustable trampoline or want to buy an in-ground trampoline. The difference between the two versions is in the design and in the assembly. For a standard trampoline on legs, you need a level garden area where it is stable. Most models are very easy to assemble. Of course, jumping safety always comes first, especially due to the fact that children from 3 years of age also like to hop and jump on the trampoline. For this reason, there are mini trampoline models especially for children, which are equipped with an additional ladder and a safety net. These models are kid-friendly and completely safe! Parents don’t have to worry and can let the little ones run around unsupervised.

Playing around is healthy and strengthens the health of your children.

Trampolin aufstellbares Modell im Garten Sicherheitsnetz Junge und Mädchen beim Toben

As the name suggests, is located at Ground trampolines the jumping mat at the level of the ground. The construction of these in-ground trampolines is a little more complicated and time-consuming. However, they are very elegant in the outdoor area and save space in the garden. In recent times, in-ground trampolines have become more and more popular. They are not only preferred play equipment, but also great eye-catchers in the garden.

Do sports in your own garden!

Trampolin Bodentrampolin im Outdoor Bereich junger Mann Sport treiben im eigenen Garten

Which design would look good in your outdoor area?

You can choose between different designs for the garden trampolines. The most popular are round, rectangular and oval. You can judge for yourself which shape is best for your outdoor area. Take the chosen location and the environment into consideration, because in addition to the quality, the high aesthetics of the trampolines also count! In addition, the diameter of the jumping mat and the recommended load capacity of the garden trampoline are decisive for jumping comfort. The rule here applies: the larger the diameter, the safer the jumping. This is because the distance to the side edges increases. The mini models have a smaller diameter as they are designed for toddlers.

But if two or more children want to jump on the trampoline together, models with a diameter of 244, 305, 366 and 430 cm are recommended. The trampolines with a larger diameter, for example these in XXL format with a diameter of 457 cm, offer special jumping fun.

The safety net is a must for such trampoline models.

Trampolin Kindermodell das Sicherheitsnetz ist absolutes Muss

Where can you choose, test and buy the best trampoline for your garden?

We firmly believe that all parents want to buy the best, safest trampoline for their children. This is why these particularly popular playground equipment for the garden is made absolutely safe and child-friendly. They are also of high quality and their design leaves nothing to be desired. With garden trampolines, regardless of the model, size and extras, you cannot compromise on safety and quality. We therefore advise you to only look for your trampoline from well-known and proven manufacturers. For example, you can visit the largest German trampoline exhibition near Nuremberg. In the spring park there you can look at different models and test some of them if you wish. If you have any further questions, you will be given personal advice so that you can buy the best trampoline for your garden. And at the best price. You can take your garden trampoline home with you or the manufacturer will deliver it to your home free of charge.

You are sure to find the best trampoline for your little ones!

Trampolin Mini Modell für Kinder alle Extras dazu Leiter Sicherheitsnetz

Surely you no longer have any doubts how you can create amusing summer days with lots of exercise and happy laughter for your whole family. We wish you lots of fun jumping on your new garden trampoline!

Safety when jumping and romping is very important here.

Trampolin hohe Qualität Sicherheit beim Springen und Toben großgeschrieben

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