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Smart tips on how to make your own Christmas tree at home

The Christmas tree is traditionally the undisputed eye-catcher in every Christmas decoration. You can get yourself a green fir tree and place it in the living room and decorate it accordingly. Numerous Christmas balls, a star at the top, fairy lights and lamps, silver and gold shimmer here and there, snow powder and so on … … Your imagination and creativity have no limits and you can now show what you can really do in terms of decoration . As already said, this is how you usually decorate the Christmas tree at home.

But today we don’t want to get into that, instead we want to give you some smart tips on how to make a Christmas tree yourself at home. All of these DIY ideas are so easy to recreate that anyone, even those with little manual dexterity, can do them at home. But they are all inspiring and require a lot of imagination and creativity in their realization. And another plus point: such a Christmas tree would cost you almost no money! That means, with little effort, you can make a big impact! Are you already curious? Then we can go straight to the practical ideas!

wall decoration-christmas-tree-stars-christmas-balls

With little effort, you can make a big impact!

Now all you need to make a small Christmas tree at home is this: dowels, some elastic bands, and a little ingenuity. We recommend getting a couple of 24 cm thick, round dowels, a pencil, a small saw and rubber bands. You may also need a nice ribbon and other decorative Christmas ornaments.


Using a simple template, you can attach a small Christmas tree to the wall

how is it done?

You need to first choose the right spot on the wall for your Christmas tree project. It’s about a minimalist Christmas tree, which, however, fulfills a great decorative function and is sure to turn into a real eye-catcher in the room. On the wall next to the living room window, in the hallway or in the children’s room – there are sure to be different options. Even the bedroom should be appropriately decorated for Christmas. Isn’t that a super cool idea for this room?


Small stars arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree

First you need to cut out a template from cardboard or draw a small tree (50-60 cm high) directly on the blank wall. Then mark the places where you will put dowels and start the Christmas decorations. Arrange small lamps, stars, Christmas balls or fairy lights, pine cones or wooden sticks so that they are all arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. Make use of the tools you have prepared or whatever you currently have on hand and may need. And in no time you will have a small decorative Christmas tree on the wall. Do you still need something to create a cozy and festive atmosphere for Christmas at home? That would entirely depend on your wishes and preferences!

Admire the creative ideas in our picture gallery and let yourself be further inspired!

Our editorial team wishes you a Merry Christmas!


You can master small Christmas trees out of wood

christmas-tree-wooden sticks-small-decoration-figures-christmas-gifts

A great idea for the nursery!


Arrange stars and chopsticks made of wood decoratively and create a strong WOW effect


You can now decorate wall posters with a Christmas tree for Christmas

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