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Snowdrops – the first heralds of spring are here soon!

Now in winter there is a thick blanket of snow outside and we only dream of the warm sun and a little more color in the garden. Here I have to reassure all hobby gardeners, because it will soon be time. There is a small flower miracle that will delight us as early as January, the snowdrop. Its three snow-white petals impress with their sophistication and tenderness. The scientific name of the snowdrop is Galantus nivalis and it comes from the Greek. The meaning is clearly and very accurately a snow-white flower.


The snowdrop defies ice and snow and still blooms in January

These enchanting early bloomers are typical bulb plants, more precisely they belong to the amaryllis family. Like all other bulbous plants, the snowdrops have a short growing season during which they show us their flowers and store nutrients in the bulb for the next year.


You can buy such a bouquet of snowdrops in late January or early February

The snowdrops are extremely easy to care for, they grow best outdoors, even outside in your own garden, without human intervention. They prefer a sunny location and as much humus-rich, loose and moist soil as possible. It shouldn’t dry out even in summer. The onions should be put in the ground at the end of September. These beautiful heralds of spring thrive wonderfully between bushes and trees. The onion is about 1 cm tall, from which a flower stem and three green leaves grow. At the end of the stem there is a single flower with three outer, snow-white petals and three inner ones that are more greenish-striped. The snowdrop is about 15 cm high. The flowering period is in February and March, but when the winter is fairly mild, the first snowdrops come out of the earth in January. In May at the latest, the flowering phase will end and the plant will withdraw. The unique thing about this first spring flower is that it defies frost and ice and breaks through the snow cover to bring us new life in the winter months.


Bring a piece of nature home with you and decorate your own four walls

The snow-white flowers of the snowdrops put us in the mood and we impatiently await the beginning of spring and the first warm rays of sunshine. You are a loving surprise for loved ones. Give a bouquet of snowdrops to those you hold dear and express your warm feelings. The first blooming miracles of the year impress with their natural sophistication. The flowers are also excellent decorations in the vase at home. They undoubtedly bring home a large dose of romance and optimism and bridge the gray period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve until the beginning of spring. And everyone can afford this winter beauty. What are you waiting for? Find the undisputed charm of nature all around you!

snowbell flowers

Give these delicate early bloomers to your loved ones and reveal your warm feelings!


You can only dream of so much natural beauty in winter!


These flower miracles are also the first messengers of love!


Enjoy the natural beauty of the snowdrops every time you have coffee at home

decorative snow bells

Just a few snowdrops are enough in the vase to create a happy atmosphere at home


Only three white petals exude so much natural charm!


At the end of January the first snowdrops can delight our eyes and soul.

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