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Solar flares – the new trend in modern garden design

Summer is finally here and the sun shines warm during the day, while the nights are pleasantly fresh. Of course, nobody wants to stay at home when the weather is so nice. We are drawn outside, into the garden, where we spend a longer time and enjoy the natural warmth and freshness in the open air. For this reason, the garden turns into our favorite place, where we can feel the harmony of nature up close. On lukewarm summer evenings, you want to stay outside longer, admire the starry sky and chat with friends and family. In order to be able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere in the garden in the evening, you need modern garden lighting. This aspect of contemporary garden design is particularly important and must not be neglected under any circumstances. That is why we want to present trendy ideas for this in the following. This is about modern solar flares and their advantages in garden design.

Solar flares are definitely setting a trend in modern garden design.

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend in der modernen Gartengestaltung

  • A new trend is establishing itself in garden design

For years there has been a strong trend in garden design. Efforts are being made to extend the living space outside in order to spend as long as possible outdoors. And for good reasons! The garden is the place where, on the one hand, we have the feeling of being in the middle of nature and, on the other hand, we can treat ourselves to the well-deserved relaxation after every stressful day at work. There we drink our morning coffee in peace and quiet and stay outside until late in the evening to spend a few hours with family and friends in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere with a bottle of wine. That’s why all aspects of modern garden design are important in order to create the desired feel-good atmosphere outside – from the covered veranda or wooden terrace to the pool or garden pond to the flower and vegetable beds.

A cozy atmosphere invites you to linger outside for a longer period of time.

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend eine gemütliche Atmosphäre draußen schaffen

Even in the evening, when it gets dark, you want to feel good outside. This is now entirely possible, because there are clever ideas for modern garden lighting. With solar flares a new trend is definitely set, which is expected to develop further and gain more and more followers. The big plus point of the trendy flares is that they fulfill a practical and a decorative function at the same time. For example, you donate enough light around the outdoor seating area so that everyone feels good. In addition, you can illuminate the garden paths with modern solar flares so that you and your guests do not stumble in the dark.

Here you can linger for two in the evenings.

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend gemütliche Atmosphäre zu zweit

The practical and decorative aspects go hand in hand here. The solar flares can be placed next to beautiful flower beds or bushes and put them in the limelight in the evening. In this way, garden sculptures or other decorative elements in the outdoor area can be immersed in soft light. In this way, the properly illuminated objects turn into great eye-catchers outside. Neither used individually or in a group of a few, the solar flares bring a romantic, somewhat dreamlike touch to your outdoor area and make it look even more inviting.

Such light effects are desirable in the dark.

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend praktisch und dekorativ schöne Lichteffekte im Dunkeln

  • With modern solar light balls you can illuminate the garden cleverly and live in an environmentally friendly way

The solar flares are available in different colors – from white to blue and green to yellow, orange and red. They are also available in different sizes and are suitable for use outside in the garden or on the terrace and balcony. Their location can be easily changed because the round lamps are set up either with a ground spike or a holding plate. You do not need any further technical requirements. You can change your location in a few minutes. At Solarversand.de you can find out more about the wide range of solar flares and other solar lamps. You can browse their free catalog online or have it delivered to your home free of charge. You can also use the same website to inquire about the charging time, lighting time, maintenance and care of the solar flares and, thanks to the online product advisor, you can find the best and most suitable model for your outdoor area.

There are special models of solar lights that float on the water surface of the garden pond and bring with them a fairytale atmosphere.

Solar light balls set the trend for the garden pond on the water surface with strong decorative effects

Last but not least, we want to accentuate the biggest plus point of the solar flares, namely that they do not require any electrical energy to light up. The only condition is that these spheres only have to be placed where there is enough sunlight during the day. All models are equipped with a suitable solar module that provides the necessary energy. This means that the solar energy is converted into electrical energy and used to light up the round balls. With these clever flares you save electrical energy in the household. In this way you make a small contribution to environmentally friendly living. And that is of prime importance all over the world these days. If more people switch to solar lighting outside and save energy, our planet will be a better place to live.

Solar flares also cut a fine figure on the wooden terrace

Solar flares set the trend on the wooden terrace, making a good figure, practical and decorative

You can find a wide range of solar lights online….

Solar lights for the garden illuminate the garden paths

… and enjoy the lukewarm summer evenings at home.

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend Solar Lampe auf dem Tisch interessante Form

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend Solar Leuchten in Kerzenform praktisch und dekorativ

The Trendomat editorial team wishes you that!

Solar Leuchtkugeln setzen Trend hängende Solar Leuchten sparen Strom beleuchten den Garten

 Solar light balls set the trend, save electrical energy Solar lights in the garden are practical and decorative

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