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Solid wood furniture for every generation

Do you think the elegant solid wood furniture in your grandparents’ house has changed over the years? Probably hardly. This natural material is able to keep its solid appearance for generations.

The solid wood furniture is able to give every room a natural, noble and elegant flair. At the same time, they are hard-wearing, sustainable and with character.

Dining room with modern solid wood furniture

Dining room with modern solid wood furniture

Solid wood usually means a solid wood that is not veneered. The furniture is made of authentic natural material that breathes in your house and absorbs the humidity in the room. When the humidity is low, it is then released back into the room and thus the air is cleaned. Do you have solid wood furniture in your home? Then you probably don’t need a humidity regulator. No other material has this strange property.

Modern solid wood furniture-solid furniture

Modern solid wood furniture

The raw material wood can be described as environmentally friendly, provided it was obtained from certified wood. The processing and logistics are not very complex compared to other materials. In addition, solid wood furniture can be used for decades and can ultimately be recycled. For this reason, investing in this high quality material is the right way to go.

A solid wooden table is a real hit and immediately attracts attention in the room. How do you perceive the atmosphere in our next photo with its view of the city from above, leather chairs in a strong, wine-red color and floating lit candles? The design creates a feeling of power, authority and strong will.

Solid wood furniture construction plate solid dining room furniture

Solid wood furniture in the dining room

At the massive table you can have business talks or, in contrast, have dinner with the family.

Solid wood furniture dining table rustic solid furniture

Solid wood furniture – the dining table immediately steals the show!

Actually, the wooden furniture can be used in any room, as you can see from our pictures. The solid wood can only be used as an accent in the shape of a chest of drawers or as a complete piece of furniture for the bedroom. Of course, you can have all the furniture made of the same type of wood for your room.

Bedroom solid wood bed solid furniture

Solid wood bed in the simply furnished bedroom

Solid wood furniture dining room modern solid furniture

Solid wood furniture in the modern dining room

These beautiful pieces of furniture made of solid wood are easy to care for. Protect them from water and sharp objects and they won’t give you any difficulty. Slight cracks and scratches can be completely removed in most cases. The surface can be treated with wood oil, wood wax or oil wax mixtures. Follow-up treatment is recommended, however. Always use care products that are specially designed for solid wood furniture and they will serve you dutifully for a long time.

Solid wood furniture dining room modern design solid furniture

Solid wood furniture in a modern design

Modern living room in country style solid wood furniture

Modern living room in country house style with solid wood furniture

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