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ASAP Rocky’s “Jukebox Joints” Music Video

“Jukebox Joints” is a song by ASAP Rocky, featuring Joe Fox and Kanye West. The song is featured on ASAP Rocky’s second studio album, “The Game.” The music video was released on August 10, 2015.

Joe Fox

Kanye West and A$AP ROCKY have made it clear that “Jukebox Joints”, their most anticipated album yet, is one of their top albums. The track is an infectious R&B/Hip-Hop number, and it’s a definite must-listen for fans of both genres. You’ll be hooked after you listen to the video below.

Fox’s debut EP Acoustic Alley Sessions was released last year. He recently released two singles. The latest tracks are full-band affairs, and the production is by Leon Michels. The result is a stellar album that fans can’t get enough of. What makes his debut EP so special? It includes a hook that was taken from jukebox records, which is just one reason to give it a listen.

Kanye West

The title track of Kanye West’s latest album is one of the more underwhelming songs on the album. The album’s overall sound is bland, despite the contributions of Kanye West and A$AP ROCKY as well as Joe Fox and other artists. The song’s lyrics are lacking and lack the punch of the other songs on the album. The music video is stylish, but lacks any contribution from Kanye West. Wavybone feat. Joe Fox is solid and captivating on the tracks Max B and Joe Fox. Juicy J x UGK is a hidden gem.

A$AP Rocky premiered the music video for “Jukebox Joints” in 2014. The song has topped the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts every year since. While the track may not have the most original lyrics, it does contain some interesting elements. The song’s tempo is 67 BPM (Adagio), while the song has 17 measures/bars. The music keys used in both songs are identical.


ASAP ROCKY’s new album Testing might be something you’ve heard of. This Hip-Hop/R&B album has the best hooks in the genre and peaked in the top five in seven countries. If you love the music, you may want to purchase it. It includes several songs that have been jukebox hits in recent years. This is a great place to start.

It’s hard to go wrong with ‘L$D’, a hazy drug-themed love song. Rocky Flack’s smooth voice cuts through the beat and proves that he can sing. His versatility as a songwriter is evident in ‘Excuse Me” and ‘JD’, which proves that he is an icon in his own right. Although these songs are not the highlight of the album, they’re worth a listen just to see where Rocky is heading.

Although A.L.L.A. is a dope album, it’s a bit lacking in substance. is a dope album, it’s a bit lacking when it comes to substance. It doesn’t matter if the beats or other influences are used, which is a shame. Rocky doesn’t seem to stray too far away from the same subject matter. While that may be cool for a mixtape it is not the best approach for an album.

Despite the album’s shortcomings, A.L.L.A. ‘s 18 tracks are jam-packed with great flow and druggy beats. It’s hard not to enjoy this album if you’re a fan of jukebox joints. ‘Holy Ghost’ is a great example of this, featuring a rift between the guitar and the beat. ‘Canal St.’ is an excellent example of how A.L.L.A. has a lot to offer. It includes a progressive beat, and a guitar riff.

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