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If you want to listen to music similar to Look At Me!, you’ve come to the right place. This article will discuss different artists in the same genre. This article will discuss a variety artists, from XXXTentacion, Tame Impala, Glory, to Black Skinhead. Listen to a few songs to find out if they sound like the right ones for you. You might be surprised to discover that you enjoy the same songs.


XXXTentacion rose to fame from the SoundCloud rap scene. His songs like “Look At Me!” and “Jocelyn Flores” were instantly popular. His albums were double and triple platinum, and his projects have been re-released. If you’re into rap and emo music, these songs are worth checking out.

Despite the polarizing nature of his story, XXXTentacion’s breakout single “Look At Me” provided the impetus for his meteoric rise. The song was released in December 2015 and went viral on SoundCloud. In its video, XXXTentacion compares himself to High School Musical star Corbin Bleu.

“Look At Me!” Although it was not the most successful song in XXXTentacion’s career, it did put him on the road to stardom. The track was dropped by Drake within one year of the SoundCloud revolution. The video for the song was also controversial. Some people were shocked when the music video was leaked online.

Tame Impala

The synth interlude in the middle of Tame Impala songs like look at me is a major distraction. While this part of the song starts panning to the left, it gradually switches to full Dolby surround sound. It is a mid-show interlude that serves as a precursor to the next song. However, the guitar pick up almost saves it. This song can be heard many times.

One song by Australian indie rock band Tame Impala boasts a remarkable vocal range, even for men. The band often asks for audience participation during live performances. This is likely why the crowd sings along to the song. Fans have taken to replicating the song’s t-shirt ‘Fuck Trevor’ for their gigs. Despite its bizarre name, this track is a must-listen for any Tame Impala fan.

The song has a groovy feel, but it’s also a great example how the band can work together to answer a question from the InnerSpeaker. “Why are we so lonely?” The band asks, while the chorus shouts “I’m just Fine” and ‘I’m fine’ is another example how Tame Impala fans feel toward other musicians.

Black Skinhead

“Black Skinhead” is Kanye West’s new song, which he debuted on SNL. The song is more aggressive and contains racial-themed lyrics. Though West has always been a closet conscious rap star, the song has managed to alienate a large segment of his white fan base. He sings about the pain that he feels from being in a homosexual relationship, and declares that he is his ‘theme song.

Yeezus was released in September 2013. The single “Black Skinhead”, the album’s first single, was also released. The song was broadcast to both urban and contemporary radio stations in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. The song charted in the United States and the UK in early 2013, and was covered by American singer Jack White. In January 2016, a remix of the song featuring Miley Cyrus, Travis Scott, was leaked online.


“Glory songs such as look at me” describe how Jesus Christ transformed a believer’s lives. The lyrics talk about an aimless and desperate life before meeting Jesus, and the Lord transforming it into joy, love, and laughter. The song’s last verse describes a life without hope and a life full of joy, love, and gratitude. As a result of Jesus’ transformation in the life of the believer, this song has been covered by Celine Dion and Air Supply.


“Look at Me!” by XXXTentacion is a new rap track that is rising in popularity, despite its controversial lyrics. “Look at Me” features a sample by Mala that’s more than ten-years old and is now streaming in the Top 40 of Billboard. It has already received 76 million streams on SoundCloud. SmokePurpp is a great way to find new music from the decomposing sounds of South Florida.

Lil Pump

While “Lil Pump” is not groundbreaking or very interesting, it does have its own appeal. Lil Pump sings about his expensive watches, his lean lifestyle, and his life in Los Angeles. He is a rebellious and privileged person who lives the life of a hip-hop artist. Although he is not yet 21 years old, his Instagram stories are a sea of piles of cash, diamond chains, and Lamborghinis.

The singer is twenty-years-old and has a YouTube channel. Pump is 20 years older than Paris Hilton, a video of the singer DM-ing her asks her to take him out to eat wings. “We should go to Wingstop and eat ice cubes,” he replies. Although Paris Hilton may think this is a crazy story, it’s not news. Pump is about to embark upon a US tour after having released two albums.

The album features Lil Pump singing songs like “D Rose”, which has been one his most loved tracks. The song has become a viral hit, with over 50 million plays on Spotify and close to 100 million views on Youtube. Although it isn’t Lil Pump’s most-popular song, it is the fourth or fifth most listened to track on his debut album. It is loved by listeners.

Pre 17 X

The first time I heard a Pre 17 X song was the infamous “Look At Me.” I was blown away. This song was catchy and unlike anything else I’ve ever heard. The song stayed with me for the rest of my day. I was captivated by the way X delivered his lyrics and the witty imagery in his lyrics. I was instantly captivated and began to sing along to the tune.

“Look at Me!” The track features a haunting Mala sample, a warped bass, and twitchy hip-hop. This track was released by Ronny J at the end 2015 and features X spitting out his intense, anxiety-ridden lyrics. X even compares himself to Corbin Bleu, High School Musical’s star. The song is a smooth transition to his previous work and we cannot wait to see what he does next.

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