Songs Like Serpent Of Old

In the past, R&B singers have resisted the racy, theatrical themes of rap, and songs like serpent of old have resisted the glitz and glamour of the music industry. The racy style of serpentwithfeet is back. This rising R&B singer has a unique blend of styles and a passion for the genre. He explores R&B’s appeal while remaining true to his faith.

This song, “Serpent Of Old,” is an excellent choice for any racy party or occult themed event. Although the band’s sound has changed over the years, the original version retains its dark and haunting feel. The band’s sound is infused with the eerie, occult-inspired lyrics and vocals of singer Cicandra Nostalghia, a longtime collaborator of Seven Lions.

In addition to incorporating elements from other genres into its music, the band crafted DEACON songs about new and sustained love. Hyacinth is the album’s opener. Its title comes from the myth about the serpent finding his ideal lover in a favorite flower. Songs like “Same Size Shoe” and “Wood Boy” also explore serpent’s carnal side. DEACON also incorporated a symphonic feel into its sound.

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