Songs Like The Thong Song

“The Thong Song” is an R&B song released by American singer Sisqo in 2000. This song has been deemed sexist by some due to the lyrics’ female objectification. The lyrics are repetitive and talk about women’s butts. This article will look at the song’s lyrics and the implications of such content. If you’re looking for songs like the Thong Song, look no further than this article.

Sisqo, the metallic-haired frontman of Dru Hill, released “Thong Song” a decade ago. Sisqo was one of the first rap artists to bleach his hair different colors. This trend is still alive in the r&b genre today, and he has no plans of changing his look. He’ll always be remembered for his iconic thong song. There are many other songs like the Thong Song that have stuck in people’s memories.

The thong song has become so common in our culture that it has become part of the cultural psyche. Listening to this song is a way to express yourself. Sisqo is not an easy audience to attract. Those who would enjoy this kind of music are the demographic who WANT to hear it. While they did once wear thongs, they’re much more comfortable in granny panties these days.

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