Speedfactory conversion: Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service

Whether you are a skier, hiker or mountain dweller – anyone who has an accident on snow-covered slopes or remote high areas can rely on the rescuers of the mountain rescue service. However, the first responders face the special challenge of mastering the most difficult terrain in no time at all. As with any rescue operation, seconds can make the difference between life and death. In the Ore Mountains, the rescue teams from the Rittersgrün and Johanngeorgenstadt mountain rescue services rely on the Polaris Ranger, which, thanks to a special conversion, also transports its patients with maximum comfort.

Polaris Ranger at Mountain Rescue: Ready for action

Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: interior designA beautiful March morning in the Ore Mountains. The sun casts its first long rays over the ridge and lets the masses of snow in the Külligut ski area shine. Whether the sight is too beautiful or the snow is too bright – in any case, two skiers overlook each other and crash into each other with full force. Both remain injured on the ground and call for help over the phone with the last of their strength. Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: special conversion of Speedfactory-QuadstoreThe rescuers arrive at high speed: André Kreisel and Katja Wehe, volunteer mountain rescue teams from nearby Johanngeorgenstadt, are at the scene of the accident after just ten minutes and take over the first aid for the patients. The colleagues from the neighboring Rittersgrün mountain rescue service, Heiko Solbrig and Denis Heinrich, arrive a short time later and contribute to a smooth rescue operation.
Both mountain rescue services rely on the Polaris Ranger. While the people from Rittersgrün have been benefiting from the advantages of the robust and reliable side-by-side vehicle Ranger XP 900 for over a year, the latest top model, the Ranger XP 1000, has only been in use by the comrades from Johanngeorgenstadt since the beginning of the year.
“Without the Polaris Ranger we would have it Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: competent careThe scene of the accident was never reached so quickly with all our equipment,” says Alexander Schürer, deputy on-call manager and vehicle officer at the Johanngeorgenstadt mountain rescue service. “This vehicle saves us an enormous amount of time and the time factor can mean the difference between life and death for people who have had an accident. But that’s not the only benefit we’ve seen so far. Thanks to the generous loading volume and the intelligent conversion measures, we have everything on board that we need for first-class care, from rescue kits to heated blankets to bulky stretchers. The loading of the patient is also effortless and thanks to the unique through-loading function, lying transport is easily possible. We’ve already had feedback from patients that despite the unfortunate circumstances, the buttery soft chassis and heated cab made them feel snuggly.”

Ranger XP 1000: Conversion of Speedfactory quad store

Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: comfortable and safe transportThe Ranger XP 1000 of the Johanngeorgenstadt mountain rescue service is a special conversion by Speedfactory-Quadstore. The Polaris dealer from Breitenbrunn is the only company in Germany that offers this clever technology. Owner Sven Uhlrich, together with his two employees, put the rescue ranger on the snow chains themselves, from the first drawing to production and homologation. The entire project includes over 100 parts that were custom made for the Ranger’s rear bed cabin. The box is made entirely of aluminum and weighs only around 200 kilograms. Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: fast and agile on the moveThanks to an intelligent frame construction, the stretcher accommodated on the ceiling can be quickly removed and just as easily stowed away again. The specialists from Speedfactory-Quadstore have reinforced the rear wall of the Ranger driver’s cabin. The folding seat for the paramedic or emergency doctor is housed on one side, and a clever through-loading hatch has been installed on the other side, which can be folded down if necessary, thus providing a level loading area for transporting the patient in a lying position.
Polaris“We didn’t have to change anything in the driver’s cab. It’s just great,” says Sven Uhlrich, owner of the Speedfactory Quadstore. “The instruments are optimally aligned with the driver, the seats are comfortable, the heating works perfectly and with its numerous clever storage options, the Ranger leaves nothing to be desired. We only subsequently installed the panel for controlling the 180-degree lighting system on the roof. We installed this additional tactical equipment at the request of the mountain rescue service, because it offers the best view during night-time search operations.”
Even under the bodywork, the conversion experts saw no need for action. Here he does Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: year-round use due to conversionProStar 1000 twin cylinder engine reliable work. With 60 kW (82 hp), it is the most powerful drive in this vehicle class and provides a powerful torque of 83 Newton meters. Added to this are the industry-leading maximum values ​​of 1,100 kg towing capacity and 330 millimeters of ground clearance. Thanks to a tighter turning circle and precise steering, the Ranger XP 1000 masters even narrow passages effortlessly and becomes the perfect companion for work, adventure and demanding rescue operations on rough terrain.
However, the ranger is not only used by the mountain rescue services in winter, but is used all year round. Converting from tracked operation to normal wheels takes only a few minutes and makes the Ranger a special vehicle that can be used all year round. Since it is already approved for public roads ex works, the Ranger can also be used for errand trips or other everyday transport. Conclusion: The Ranger with a special conversion has proven itself in use and is also a lot of fun in other respects.

Mountain rescue service Rittersgrün: firstborn

Polaris Ranger at the mountain rescue service: everything under one roofThe Ranger XP 1000 of the Johanngeorgenstadt mountain rescue service is the latest expansion stage of Speedfactory-Quadstore. However, the pioneering work of the off-road specialists began with the Ranger XP 900, which the Rittersgrün mountain rescue service commissioned in 2017. Thanks to financial support from a funding project by the municipality of Breitenbrunn, the volunteers were able to switch from the mobile ski to the comfortable Ranger at the beginning of 2018, which has since proven itself in numerous operations, as Heiko Solbrig, head of the on-call service, reports: “The Ranger is very versatile. In both summer and winter, we can advance into regions that we would never reach on foot – certainly not with all our rescue equipment. In addition, the vehicle is ideal for securing events, as we can be in different places quickly and are very agile.”


Whether Ranger XP 1000 or Ranger XP 900 – both variants of the Polaris bestseller contribute to the high level of safety in the Ore Mountains. They not only impress with their sensational comfort and numerous practical virtues, but also inspire with top agility and powerful performance on any surface without letting their drivers down. “We push the vehicle to the limit and the ranger pulls along effortlessly,” reports Alexander Schürer. “And if that’s fun as well, the voluntary work is even more fun.” chk

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