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Spice up your white walls with wall stickers

A white wall can look cool and impersonal. A few splashes of color on it change the look and spice up the whole room. That is why you should set accents with strong character in every room. You can do that with interesting wall tattoos or stickers. We show you 15 different possibilities for a contemporary wall design:

  1. Black triangles
DIY black triangles wall sticker

Geometric shapes like these black triangles are trendy wall design ideas

The stickers and wall decals are great temporary decorations. Small geometric shapes make the chic, subtle wall decoration. In the baby room they look cute and playful, despite their dark nuances.

  1. XL colorful paper confetti
Colorful paper confetti wall design DIY

The design with colorful paper confetti would be a great DIY project on a rainy afternoon

This modern, chic wall design can only be welcomed! As simple as it is effective, the colorful look is suitable for every room – whether for the playroom or home office.

  1. Star Wars figures
Boy room Star Wars wall decals anthracite

Symmetrical wall design with Star Wars wall decals

Any boy would like this creative idea. The male images of popular film characters and superheroes are desired game companions that the child can even look at in the evening before going to sleep.

  1. Cityscape
Wall stickers little houses facades colorful

Colorful illustration of small town with trees and clouds

The wall stickers do not always have to be bought ready to use. You can buy self-adhesive film and make great figures out of it. In this case, it is colorful house fronts and white clouds that embellish their playroom regardless of the age and gender of a child.

  1. Eiffel Tower sticker
Eiffeltum wall decor DIY vinyl mural wallpaper

Elegant wall design with symmetrically attached stickers from the Eiffel Tower

Have you ever visited Paris and have fond memories of it? Bring this inspiration to the living room wall! Minimalistic yet effective Eiffel Tower images create a classic look. This brings a can of romance with it, because Paris is praised as the eternal city of love!

  1. Wall wallpaper with adhesive tapes
Wall mural DIY washi tape neon colors geometric

Bold color accents with neon colors in the modern living room

A few rolls of washi tape can create a preliminary colorful wall and floor design. This great living example gives us a good tip on how to create trendy highlights thanks to neon colors and geometric patterns.

  1. Clouds in pastel colors

Clouds wall decoration pastel colors dream catcher

Delicate wall decoration: clouds in pastel colors, dream catchers and succulents

Do you feel motivated to do handicrafts while looking at these beautiful wall stickers? Together with the dream catcher, a look is created that tells a lot about the character of the house residents.

  1. Festive ornaments
Wall decoration Christmas ornaments stickers

Christmas decorations with a difference: stickers as festive ornaments

Design patterns for Christmas bring Christmassy colors and mood where other decorations looked overloaded. The stickers are practical because they can be easily removed after the festive season and stowed away to save space.

  1. Pixel heart in black
DIY pixel heart washi tape black wall decoration

Variety of modern geometric shapes in black, yellow, blue, pink and green

Can you guess what material was used? That’s right, again washi tape, cut off in small pieces. The heart shape is very successful, don’t you think?

  1. Washi tape letters
DIY wall saying washi tape nursery idea

DIY wall saying in pink for the nursery

Put a message or your name on the wall instead of hanging up a decorative sign. Cutting out the letters will take you more time, but the end result is definitely worth it.

  1. Colorful dots made from washi tape
DIY washi tape colored dots home office

Beautify the wall in the home office with colorful dots made of washi tape

The carefully selected colors create a great look and attract attention in this home office. Instead of staring at a white wall, treat yourself to a look at this delicate decoration. Simple and Affordable!

  1. Motifs with forest animals
DIY forest animal wall decoration wall decal nursery

Forest animal motifs are suitable for every season and every room

Artistically gifted readers will take the wall design one step further. This example with the fox and reindeer figures is one of the most creative, fun DIY projects.

  1. Raindrop design
DIY raindrops minimalist wall design

Light gray as the third color balances out the color contrast of black and white

These cool drops in light gray are made individually by hand. Pick an accent wall or spice up the room with these patterns!

  1. Plus sign
DIY wall decoration plus sign modern black

Plus sign in the modern, eclectic room

These nifty wall decals have become very trendy in the last few years. You can use them in any room, they spice up the interior right away.

  1. Black dots
DIY black dots minimalist nursery design

Minimalist wall decoration with black dots for the children’s room

Our last idea is actually the simplest. The black sticky circles are available in the hobby store. Create enough space between them and give the wall a new face.

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