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Discover the magic of spices and prepare delicious dishes for family and friends!

If you are expecting a visit to your home, you will surely want to surprise your guests with delicious dishes and tempting desserts, right? Perhaps you want to prepare a traditional dish but give it an oriental or rather Asian flavor? Or have you decided on a typical Chinese or Indian menu? Of course, all of this is possible if you are familiar with the realm of spices. Today you have come to the right place, because we now want to take a look at the variety of spices, lift the veil of their magical effect on body and soul and report on a lot of other useful information! Are you ready for this journey into the world of irresistible spices? Then come with us!

Wir versuchen Sie in die magische Welt zahlreicher Gewürze zu entführen

We try to take you into the magical world of numerous spices

Lassen Sie sich in den Bann verschiedener Düfte und Aromen ziehen

Let yourself be drawn into the spell of various scents and aromas

  • Spices over time

It is historically proven that primitive humans tried to refine their dishes. In the darkness of ancient times one finds evidence (for example in Neolithic tombs and caves in Europe) that the aromatic power of different herbs and seeds was known in the Neolithic Age. Scientific excavations in East Asia have confirmed the fact that spices were also used in cooking there (especially in China). Later even a brisk spice trade developed from the East Asian countries to Egypt. This then conquered ancient Athens and Rome. Exotic spices from the Far East came to Europe by sea and soon turned into valuable commercial articles of their time. They have been an inseparable part of European food culture since the Middle Ages and will definitely remain in demand as special ingredients for a long time to come. But one thing is certain: the centuries of use of numerous spices and herbs is undisputed proof that people in all epochs wanted to eat healthily and now want to continue living close to nature. This is a tendency that continues.

Gewürze die gesund sind und Ihren Gerichten einen köstlichen Geschmack verleihen

Spices that are healthy and add a delicious taste to your dishes

  • The miracle effect of spices on body and soul

In the course of its long history, the positive effects of many spices on the human organism have also been discovered and used as medicinal products. Used moderately and properly dosed, they can work wonders. The spices have long been said to have various positive effects on the human body. Some can successfully improve the intestinal flora and participate in burning fat. Others activate the cardiovascular system and thus ensure our good physical shape. This is actually why numerous spices form the basis for many medicines. There are also those spices that have a positive effect on our inner well-being and emotional harmony, cheer us up or calm us down. One group of spices promotes our ability to concentrate, other miracle herbs allow us to relax. Among the well-known spices there are also those that act as an aphrodisiac. So, every look into the magical and seductive world of spices is worth it!

Entdecken Sie die positive Wirkung zahlreicher exotischer Gewürze auf Körper und Seele

Discover the positive effects of numerous exotic spices on body and soul

  • Exotic spices give every delicious dish the heat it needs

When talking about spicy and delicious food, exotic spices are always involved. They give your dishes that certain something and should not be missing in any kitchen. Their rich palette ranges from cloves to cardamom and refreshing coriander to valuable saffron, cumin and star anise. Numerous spice mixtures are possible here, the composition of which can vary. A typical example of this is curry powder. It gives every dish an unmistakable exotic aftertaste and Indian spiciness. The piquant taste is due to the mixture of turmeric, cardamom, coriander, garlic, fennel, parsley, oregano, chilli, mustard and celery.

Rosmarin und Knoblauch sind in jeder Küche gefragt

Rosemary and garlic are in demand in every kitchen

  • Typical European spices enrich the dining traditions of the Old World

The typical European spices and culinary herbs are characterized by a much milder taste compared to their exotic competitors. All over Europe, anise, basil, savory, dill, caraway, lavender, horseradish, rosemary, thyme, vanilla, cinnamon and many others are very popular and all of them are often and widely used in European cuisine. Many of them come from distant countries, but have been at home in Europe for centuries. They refine typical European dishes and make them in demand all over the world. Without being too hot or too sweet, millions of people taste great European cuisine. If you want to refine your soups, meat or fish dishes or give the vegetable dish a particularly fresh aftertaste, then rely on the well-known spices and herbs.

Now you have the opportunity to rediscover the wonderful world of spices, spice blends and different types of tea. Spicy, piquant, sweet or tart flavors are waiting for you online or in the nearest organic shop. Or maybe you want to learn a little more about the history of the spice trade or order valuable spices online, then you are always welcome at vom-achterhof.de. A fine variety of delicious spices can be found in the company’s online shop. Get to know them better and let yourself be carried away into the magical world of healthy spices!

Von A wie Anis bis Z wie Zimt können Sie jetzt alle Gewürze online kaufen

From A for anise to Z for cinnamon, you can now buy all spices online

Genießen Sie den exotischen Geschmack zahlreicher Kräuter und Gewürze aus fernen Ländern

Enjoy the exotic taste of numerous herbs and spices from distant lands

Ingwer findet einen breiten Einsatz nicht nur als Gewürz sondern auch als Heilmittel

Ginger is widely used not only as a spice, but also as a remedy

Tauchen Sie ins Reich der Gewürze ein

Immerse yourself in the realm of spices

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