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Is there a funny smell coming from the ventilation or the air conditioning isn’t cooling as well as it was a few years ago? Then it’s high time for an air conditioning service. The maintenance of the air conditioner is relatively cheap – costs between 50 and 100 euros. So that you can rely on the important element of air conditioning throughout the summer, you should definitely invest in it every few years! [Anzeige]


Depending on the air quality, how long the car has been parked and the model, air conditioning systems can get pretty disgusting. Especially those who often drive long distances (in summer) and want to be able to rely on the air conditioning compressor and compressor for a long time should have the cooling system serviced regularly. What is good for the air conditioner:

Air conditioning no longer cools properly: refrigerant missing! (approx. 80 €)

As part of an air conditioning check, the refrigerant is also replaced or topped up if necessary. If an air conditioner loses cooling capacity, a loss of refrigerant is usually to blame. The liquid can be refilled in professional workshops for a fair double-digit price. In addition, sufficient pressure on the cooling circuit contributes to greater efficiency and a longer service life for the individual components.

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Replenishment of refrigerant

Optional: have the air conditioning disinfected (approx. €30)

Air conditioning systems, or rather the complete ventilation system of a car, can also be disinfected. For this purpose, a special disinfectant is sprayed directly onto the evaporator of the air conditioning system in the engine compartment, which is then distributed over about 15 minutes in the ventilation ducts when the air conditioning system is running, thus killing any fungi or bacteria. Every few years that’s a good idea too. Many workshops such as ATU offer this, but with a little skill and if the engine compartment is easily accessible, you can also do it yourself.

Change dust and pollen filter (approx. 30 €)

The dust and pollen filter or interior air filter filters everything that flies around on the street and country roads. In spring and summer, this is mostly pollen, which can otherwise quickly lead to sneezing fits in the car in rural areas for allergy sufferers. The filter should definitely be changed every 2 years: On the one hand, because it will eventually be “full”, on the other hand, depending on the humidity and model, mold and unpleasant odors can form in it.

ATU air conditioning offensive: maintenance well under 100 euros

ATU offers numerous options for air conditioning maintenance. So there is the change of the air and pollen filter for 30 euros, the large air conditioning system maintenance for 80 euros, whereby the entire coolant is then replaced. Air conditioning disinfection is available for 30 euros.

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