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Spring flowers –3 typical harbingers of the new season

Here in the editorial team we are slowly but surely trying to get in the mood for the coming spring and want to prepare our loyal readers for the new season by constantly publishing articles with lots of practical tips and creative ideas for atmospheric decoration in the house and garden. For today’s post we have selected a topic that you will not only like, but will also motivate you to come up with new decorating ideas at home. Yes, it’s time for a change of scenery! The warmer and more colorful season is around the corner and we look forward to more sunshine and a better mood in the next few weeks. There are some typical ones across the country Spring flowers, which always captivate us at this time with their enchanting colors and perfect shapes. In this article we present 3 striking harbingers of spring, which please our eyes and souls with every sight.

Frühlingsblumen weiße Vase weiße rote Tulpen

These wonderful spring flowers were in the 16./17. Century worth gold.

schöne Frühlingsblumen Bilder Tulpen

Today they decorate every home and bring spring with them.

Without a doubt, the tulips are one of our number one favorites among spring flowers. These can be bought at every flower market and in every flower shop long before spring arrives. Nowadays the tulips are for everyone, but 4 centuries ago they were worth the gold. Many people now grow beautiful tulips in their garden or in flower boxes on the balcony or terrace. Regardless of whether you care for these beautiful spring flowers yourself or buy them in a shop, they bring a particularly cheerful flair to your four walls. The variety of colors and the delicate flowers of the tulips enchant young and old and are a true sign that spring is coming!

lila Tulpen Tulipa schöne Frühlingsblumen

Sophistication and charm in purple

weiße Narzissen im Garten

White daffodils in the garden are a beautiful eye-catcher before the arrival of spring

  • Daffodils – golden yellow or white flowers indoors and outdoors

Daffodils or daffodils are beautiful and popular garden flowers and are also some of the most typical spring bloomers. The daffodils are widespread because they are extremely easy to care for. Outside in the flowerbed, in pots or boxes, they always cut a good figure and attract everyone’s attention with their natural beauty and white or golden yellow color. The daffodils usually show their blossoms before Easter and get us in the mood for a happy and festive period. The daffodils can be easily combined with other spring flowers, for example they look wonderful next to snowbells, crocuses, hyacinths and tulips, without creating strong competition in terms of natural grace. Because each of these garden flowers has its own natural charm.

Frühlingsblumen weiße Narzissen

In a vintage vessel, these snow-white daffodils can decorate your dining table for weeks

  • Hyacinths enchant us with saturated colors and bewitching scents

The hyacinths are among the most beautiful spring flowers that spread a bewitching scent around them. They show their elegantly shaped flowers in the first rays of sun in March. They usually bloom in pale blue, pink or purple, but there are many cultivars that are also colored in different shades – from white to dark purple. If you keep the hyacinths in the room, it would be advisable to place them on the warm window sill. Once the winter frost has passed, you can plant them out in the garden.

schöne Frühjahrsblumen Bilder

Admire the flowers of the hyacinths, which bloom in all possible colors from white to dark purple

All spring bloomers shown here are easy-care bulb plants. Your onions are usually planted in autumn. Planting would also be possible later, in the winter months, if it is not too cold outside and the soil remains frost-free. Basically, onions that are planted early and therefore well-rooted are better able to withstand the winter cold and delight us with their colorful blossoms at the end of February or beginning of March. They prefer a sunny to partially shaded location outside, but where they get three to four hours of sunshine a day. These garden flowers are undemanding and you don’t have to worry about watering or fertilizing them. You can make wonderful arrangements for your coffee or dining table with their beautiful flowers or please a loved one with a beautiful bouquet. The decoration ideas with tulips, daffodils and hyacinths are endless. As with any decoration, your imagination and imagination are asked here.

Frühlingsblumen Hyazinthen

Colorful hyacinths refresh the interior in vintage style.

Frühlingsblumen Narzissen Maiglocken Vase

Daffodils and lilies of the valley make a wonderful flower arrangement in the vase

But one thing is certain: all of these wonderful spring flowers are undisputed eye-catchers indoors or outdoors and they invite spring straight to your home!

Make beautiful decorations for indoors or take care of your spring flowers in the garden and prepare for the new season!

Frühlingsblumen Tulpen keine Vase

Tulips are our favorites among spring flowers because they look beautiful anytime, anywhere.

Frühlingsblumen Tulpen Bilder

A pleasure for the eyes – admire the numerous colors of the tulips!

Frühlingsblumen weiße Narzissen Bilder deko ideen

White daffodils – a real eye-catcher in the garden

schöne Frühlingsblumen lila Hyazinthen

These purple hyacinths prove that nature is the best artist!

Rosa Tulpen im Garten schöne Frühlingsblumen

Pink tulips in the garden natural beauties for everyone

typische Frühlingsblumen

The delicate flowers of the hyacinths viewed up close

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