Springbox bed – the luxurious piece of furniture for your comfortable sleeping nest

In order to transform your apartment into a cozy home, you have to furnish all rooms as practical and comfortable as possible and design them individually. This is especially true for the bedroom, where we really want to rest and enjoy a sound sleep. In this room, perfect relaxation, absolute peace and personal well-being have undisputed priority. There we recharge our batteries for the next day and want to get up in the morning in a good mood. Without a doubt, a comfortable sleeping bed is an absolute must in this room. It has to meet our individual needs and provide us with the sleeping comfort we want. That is why there are currently different models of sleeping beds on the furniture market so that everyone can find something that suits them. Today we want to focus our attention on a luxurious sleeping bed, namely the spring box bed! What you should know about this piece of furniture and how it turns your bedroom into a real sleeping nest, you will find out below.

Stick with it if you want to make an informed decision about your modern and comfortable bedroom design!

The comfortable spring box bed usually sets the tone for the entire bedroom design.

Springboxbett schönes Schlafzimmer in Grau gestaltet großes Bett mit Bettkopfteil Wandbilder grauer Teppich Fenster rechts

So that you do not get confused by the different names of luxurious sleeping beds, we want to clarify one thing in advance. Both names spring box bed and box spring bed always refer to comfortable bed models with a box with spring cores as the basis, two mattresses and a topper on top. However, other names such as box spring bed or box bed, for example, are misleading and even wrong.

The perfect bed design leaves nothing to be desired!

Springboxbett perfektes bettdesign drei Lagen deutlich merkbar sichern Schlafkomfort

A spring box bed has a special structure

Not all beds are created equal. The springbox beds in particular are characterized by their specific structure. As is well known, they have three layers, a wooden frame (the box) with spring cores, a mattress on top (also with spring cores) and a topper as a top. This also gives rise to the special features of these beds. First and foremost, the higher lying height of the spring box beds. This varies between 55 and 70 cm and makes getting up in the morning easier, especially for older people. The mattress and the topper guarantee you an exclusive lying and sleeping comfort. Anyone who sleeps in a spring box bed has no back pain or muscle tension. Regardless of your favorite sleeping position and your body weight, you feel like you’re on clouds here! You will wake up full of energy in the morning and feel reborn!

The three layers, the box, the mattresses and the topper, ensure you the comfort you want while sleeping.

Springboxbett himmlischer Schlafkomfort drei lagen Box Matratzen mit Federkernen ein Topper als Abschluss

The size and firmness of the springbox beds are decisive for heavenly sleeping comfort

In addition to the special structure, we also want to show other features of the Springbox beds that are crucial for heavenly sleeping comfort. One of them is undoubtedly the size of the mattresses. Here you are definitely spoiled for choice, because there are models in different sizes. For small bedrooms, beds measuring 140 × 200 cm are perfect, because they also work well in a confined space. These beds, with a mattress measuring 160 × 200 cm or the classic dimensions of 180 × 200 cm, are also popular. But if you have a spacious bedroom, we recommend the box spring bed 200 × 200 cm. Everyone who sleeps has enough space and freedom of movement on it. So you really feel good without disturbing your partner.

The best bed for couples, regardless of their age and body weight.

Springboxbett perfekte Schlafbett für Paare gemütliches Schlafzimmer viel Tageslicht rechts Fenster kleiner Läufer auf dem Fußboden

But that does not end with the special features and advantages of these comfortable beds. The good thing about a springbox bed is that you can also configure the hardness of the mattresses yourself. Each of the two mattresses on the box can be configured individually. So you can adjust the degree of hardness to your individual needs and in this way ensure perfect sleeping comfort. Just go online to www.Yakbett.de and benefit from the possibilities of individual bed design and other advantages of the spring box beds. There you will also find sufficient useful information about your possible order and the free delivery by the company.

The spring box bed will soon be transformed into your favorite sleeping nest.

Springboxbett himmlischer Schlafkomfort beliebtes Schlafnest junge Frau voller

In today’s article we cannot discuss all aspects and positive features of these modern sleeping beds. However, we definitely want to add something. A spring box bed is the best possible not only for your health and perfect sleeping comfort, but also for a healthy and clean room climate. In addition, it is absolutely noiseless, so you can finally sleep without the annoying bed squeezing. If you have any further questions about these comfortable and ultra-modern beds, please contact the provider directly. You will definitely get your money’s worth there!

A spring box bed is the perfect choice for any modern bedroom.

Springboxbett gemütliches modernes Schlafzimmer Hingucker perfekte Wahl Ziegelwand Wandbilder Stehlampe

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Springboxbett komfortables Schlafzimmer bodentiefe Fenster Panoramabild der Stadt bei Nacht

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