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Alia Shelesh, known by her YouTube handle SSSsniperwolf, has caused quite the stir with her popular content. The online personality has been arrested twice under her real name and has encountered legal trouble numerous times.

Shelesh has also been accused of stealing content from TikTok creators and YouTubers. Furthermore, she was heavily criticized for failing to fulfill a terminally ill fan’s dying wish.

Early Life and Education

Alia Shelesh, commonly known by her gaming handle SSSniperWolf, first started gaming at an early age. She credits her father with buying her the PlayStation which she credits with starting her interest. Soon enough her passion turned into her profession as she went on to amass an impressive following on YouTube where her reaction videos and gameplay videos became immensely popular amongst subscribers.

She has become known for her Call of Duty gameplay videos and cosplays, though her online fame has also come with controversy; she was arrested for both armed robbery in 2013 and domestic violence in 2016. However, she has always been open and transparent about these arrests on YouTube.

Professional Career

Alia Shelesh, more widely known online by her moniker SSSniperwolf, is an established YouTube content creator with a large online following and known for her gaming and reaction videos on the platform. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple movies and vlogs.

SSSniperwolf’s brushes with the law have attracted the interest of her followers and fans, prompting an arrest in 2013 for armed robbery and then again in 2016 for disorderly conduct.

SSSniperwolf addressed the controversy surrounding her arrests with a video uploaded to her main channel. According to SSSniperwolf, neighbors overheard an argument between herself and her boyfriend which prompted them to call the police; additionally she clarifies that she was only detained once instead of twice as has been suggested in various rumors and was eventually cleared in court on both counts.

Achievement and Honors

SSSniperwolf is an established YouTube content creator with an expansive following online. She’s best-known for her reaction videos, vlogs, gaming, and cosplay videos as well as receiving various awards and recognition for her efforts.

Her frequent run-ins with the law have attracted much interest among her supporters and the internet community at large, and most recently she explained that her arrest stemmed from a domestic dispute.

She was also accused of doxxing Jacksfilms, another YouTube content creator with millions of rabid fans. While this violation of privacy and response to criticism were unacceptable, in the end she apologized and her supporters still support her work; her channel continues to flourish regardless.

Personal Life

SSSniperwolf’s real name is Alia Shelesh and she has had several run-ins with the law over time. In 2013 and again in 2016 following a domestic incident she was arrested – both events she discussed on YouTube videos with her audience in order to provide some context and an alternate viewpoint of these incidents.

Shelesh has also established a merch line, offering items such as hoodies, cellphone cases, T-shirts, notebooks and joggers. She has won multiple awards including Favorite Gamer at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Shelesh’s YouTube channel boasts over 34 million subscribers and her vlog, Little Lia, has amassed 4 million followers. Additionally, Shelesh has written two books. In 2021 she faced criticism when she failed to immediately fulfill an obligation to meet a terminally ill fan as promised – this promise was eventually fulfilled; nevertheless, this incident highlighted some of the challenges well-known video producers can encounter when trying to maintain public personas.

Net Worth

Alia Shelesh, better known by her online alias SSSniperwolf, has been more discreet about certain aspects of her personal life than many gaming YouTubers. According to both police records and her own videos, she has had two run-ins with law.

SSSniperwolf revealed in one of her YouTube videos that in 2013 she and Evan Sausage, her then boyfriend at the time, were arrested for armed robbery. Later another YouTuber named TheGamerFromMars retold this tale on video.

SSSniperwolf continues to produce content and has amassed an ardent fan base despite her arrests, becoming one of the most followed TikTok creators with over 19.1 million followers. Her vlogs and gaming-related comments continue to draw new viewers; as her audience expands it seems likely she will continue as a successful content creator.

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