Stacy Henry

Stacy Henry

Stacy Henry is the founder of Center Branch, a company dedicated to helping individuals reach their maximum potential. Additionally, she recently published Get Rooted as an educational book on identifying personal values as a basis for dealing with change.

She takes great pleasure in connecting with people where they are and building trusting therapeutic relationships, and specializes in treating depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and interpersonal conflict among others.

Early Life and Education

Stacy Henry has learned much through both personal and professional experiences to become the founder and CEO of CenterBranch Consulting & Coaching Firm – helping companies and individuals to reach their maximum potential.

She strongly believes in meeting people where they are, creating a trusting therapeutic relationship and working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and interpersonal conflict as well as families experiencing foster care or adoption processes.

She and her family are active members of their church, volunteering with children and youth. Additionally, they volunteer their services with a non-profit organization providing medical treatment and surgical procedures for Guatemalan children born with cleft palates.

Professional Career

Stacy Henry is the founder and owner of center branch, a people-centered leadership business dedicated to helping both companies and individuals realize their full potential. Center Branch offers services like keynote speaking/workshop facilitation executive coaching women’s development leadership consulting.

Stacey takes great pleasure in building meaningful and trustful therapeutic relationships. She specializes in treating depression, anxiety, grief, trauma and interpersonal conflict as well as supporting individuals experiencing complex family dynamics or caring for loved ones with medical complexities.

She is currently accepting new patients and participates with various insurance plans. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please reach out directly. The number can be found on her profile.

Achievement and Honors

Stacy Henry is a Certified Physician Assistant working for Dr. John Hoffman both clinically and surgically. Additionally, she serves on her church Women’s Ministry committee and enjoys spending time with family as well as traveling.

High school student Devine set the national high school rushing record of 1,325 yards. Later she played college football at Alabama, winning numerous awards such as Heisman Trophy, Walter Camp Award, Doak Walker Award and Maxwell Award.

She has made multiple Broadway appearances, such as Macbird!, an off-Broadway dark comedy. Additionally, she won an Obie for portraying Warden Henry Pope from Prison Break – she has also appeared in various television shows and films.

Personal Life

Stacy is married and the mother of two. She volunteers with Free to Smile, an international non-profit providing dental care services to poor children in developing nations. Stacy and her younger daughter Makenna both took mission trips with this organization.

At times of disaster in Wilmington in 2021, she used her business experience to assist those in need. By gathering contact details of those displaced residents as well as connecting them to available local resources.

Stacy has the numerology number 3, which indicates they tend to be very expressive individuals who often share their feelings verbally. Furthermore, these people enjoy social interactions and will likely live fulfilling lives.

Net Worth

Henry is an NFL star with an estimated net worth of $12 Million, amassing this fortune through salary, merchandise sales, endorsements and other sources.

He plays for the Tennessee Titans and is considered one of the premier running backs in the league, amassing over 2,000 yards rushing and 17 touchdowns during his career.

Adrianna Rivas and he share an extraordinary relationship outside of work and have an unparalleled bond that helps form an incredible family life together. Adrianna also engages in charitable efforts such as arts education support as well as autism research awareness.

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