#StandardEnvolved: The Opel GTX and modern German

[Werbung/Sponsored Video] We don’t mean modern German in the sense of the language, but rather, as Opel calls it, the “New Germanness”: For the Rüsselsheim-based company, this not only includes openness to all cultures and attitudes, but also the combination with tradition, quality and German engineering. Of course, in the hashtag age, values ​​such as quality, reliability and, above all, functionality should not be missing. The Rüsselsheim-based company is now showing how cool “New Germanness” can be in the current online spot “#StandardEnvolved”!

opel gtx 1 1

The GTX Experimental already hints at the shape of a future Mokka.

Technology for everyone
Germany is becoming more and more modern, open and progressive. This is also how the Opel brand sees itself with its slogan “The future is everyones”. In the new clip, Opel is unmistakably proud of the New Germanness, but at the same time relies on values ​​such as tradition and quality. Innovation and advanced technology should also quickly become the standard in the automotive sector and affordable for everyone. This is also what the hashtag #StandardEnvolved means. Emergency braking, steering and parking assistants, which are often already standard, are already showing the way in some models. After all, open-mindness and the art of engineering go together perfectly!

Preview of the new Opel Mokka?
The Opel GTX Experimental not only stands for technology, but also for a new design generation at Opel. The doors of the Opel GTX Experimental also open in opposite directions, and like every manufacturer with a concept car, Opel also relies on large, extravagantly styled wheels. Incidentally, Opel already impressed with a similar web clip a few years ago: the Opel GT Concept… without X. The new GTX not only shows the tendencies of the new Opel design language, but also to a certain extent the new Opel Mokka. Length, height and width correspond to the typical compact SUV. Again, we already know the panorama windscreen from the GT Concept. Incidentally, in the future, construction will be based on the CMP, the “Common Modular Platform”. It can be fully electric or equipped with a combustion engine.

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