Start of the season: ROC quad tours

ROC quad tours have been bookable since April 1st, 2016. ROC quad tours: through the Thuringian Forest, introductory tours with instructions and off-road trips in the course and two-day tour The ROC Rennsteig Outdoor Center based in Gräfenthal is starting the season, a special one as the center is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2016. Experience and adventure – that’s what the team around Elisa Walter stands for, whose offer includes active holidays, climbing courses and cave tours, as well as a wide range of opportunities to get up close and personal with the quad. The entire quad offer can be used with two or more participants: The ROC quad tours include trips through the Thuringian Forest, introductory tours with instructions and off-road trips on the course, as well as a two-day tour and the option of choosing the destination yourself.

ROC Quad Tours: Taster and half-day offers

After a theoretical briefing and driving training, the two-hour quad introductory tour takes you through either Thuringia or Upper Franconia. Remote and quiet country roads and paths are used.
are a little longer ROC Quad Tours: Half-day tours with different focusesthe half-day tours – here you are already four to five hours on the road with the quad. The ‘pure quad’ offer starts with training on the ROC off-road course, then it’s off into the forest, including an enduro track. On the ‘Active Adventure’ half-day tour, you can follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood and practice the art of archery or aim for the high ropes course in Steinach and combine the quad tour with a climbing experience. Participants interested in history come to the tour as part of the ROC Quad Tours ROC Quad Tours: also go off-road‘Contemporary witnesses historically’ at their own expense. The destinations of this trip are Wespenstein Castle in Gräfenthal, the former inner-German border and the borderland museum.
‘Natural Wilderness’ leads underground. This quad tour includes an excursion to an old mine. As part of the ‘Unlimited quad fun’ tour, after warm-up laps on the ROC course, you head off into the terrain in Kamsdorf: steep ramps and descents as well as water crossings, followed by a snack. The ‘Horse Strengths’ tour takes you to the Haflinger stud farm in Merau: on- and off-road, including a ride.

Multi-day tour: ‘ROC trip’

The ‘ROC-Trip’ quad tour takes you through Thuringia for two days. It starts on Saturday. In the morning we head towards Kamsdorf for an off-road experience on the Taugebau site. After a hearty snack and a ride through the Schwarztal, you have reached your destination for the day. You can spend the night here in a tent or in a dignified holiday apartment, with the evening coming to a cozy end with a campfire and bratwurst. On Sunday, it’s back to the ROC Rennsteig Outdoor Center in Gräfenthal via country roads, forest and meadow paths.

Prices and Availability

The ROC quad tours can be booked at the ROC Rennsteig Outdoor Center in Gräfenthal since April 1st, 2016. The entire offer is available from two participants until October. ROC Rennsteig Outdoor CenterA taster tour costs 69 euros. The half-day tours start at a price of 109 euros; Depending on the additional offer, further costs will be added. A full-day tour costs 189 euros. The two-day ‘ROC trip’ comes to 275 euros. Passengers pay 25 euros. A rental fee of 5 euros is charged for the equipment of helmets, gloves and clothing. Incidentally, you can also purchase vouchers for the ROC quad tours. chk

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