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Minimalism is not just about aesthetics, but also about a clearly expressed philosophy of lifestyle. It’s about a rationalist art form that finds its expression in living space design. What are the basics? The minimalist style requires careful planning. The furniture is reduced to the bare essentials, and in the end one reckons with a functional living design. In our case, the color palette is limited to black and white. The living spaces demonstrate straightforward thinking in terms of decoration and an excellent appearance.

Minimalist style living room black and white

Minimalist home design in black and white

Modern space design black white stripes

Do you find the monochrome, linear furniture tasteful?

Hallway partition matte black closet

Light sources are particularly relevant in a black room design

Bedroom minimalist black gray wooden floor

Floor-to-ceiling windows and a wide view from the bedroom

In the neutral gray, subtle accents are set on black and brilliant white. This composition is reinforced by the works of art and the decorative items. Excellent and extremely dominant.

Living room modern simple black and white

Adjustable floor lamp as an optimal light source

Balcony matt black brick subtle

Puristic lines in anthracite

Hallway marble white black cabinet

Clear shapes and an enchanting contrast

Minimalist stylish black and white living room view

The gaze is automatically directed to high-quality fabrics

Bathroom plain white marble

Simple, handleless fronts in their most beautiful form

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