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Step by step to a dreamlike garden with ornamental gravel

Garden friends watch out! Now is the best time to bring a breath of fresh air into your garden landscape. With a little craftsmanship and a lot of creativity, you could create a garden with ornamental gravel and admire its Asian charm every day. Because such a garden is not the work of the devil, with good planning and the right materials it can be built easily. You also have numerous design options and can use your imagination. Creating a garden with ornamental gravel no longer has to be a dream for all hobby gardeners. If you are looking for an easy-to-care-for but very beautiful garden, then you’ve come to the right place! In the following you will find useful information and practical tips on how to spruce up your entire outdoor area and introduce a Far Eastern flair into it. Stick with it because we will show you how to get to your dream garden step by step.

Gardens with ornamental gravel are based on the Japanese tradition of creating a rock garden in your own outdoor area.

Garden with ornamental chippings Japanese tradition to create a rock garden

  • What actually characterizes a garden with ornamental gravel?

A gravel garden with ornamental gravel is nothing new in garden design. Such gardens have been known in Japan for centuries, and now they are particularly popular in Europe. Before proceeding to the construction of such a garden, you need to be clear what to expect from this garden design. From a practical point of view, gardens with ornamental gravel have undoubted advantages for all garden owners, but especially for those who do not have time and do not want to put a lot of work into gardening. Once created, such a garden hardly requires any maintenance. Infrequent watering for the plants is not a lot of work, is it? In addition, such gardens have an important advantage, there the weeds have little chance of growing.

This garden is easy to maintain, but in terms of aesthetics it leaves nothing to be desired!

Garden with ornamental gravel easy to maintain well designed high aesthetics

In terms of aesthetics, you have further plus points, because you get a great eye-catcher outside that enhances your entire garden landscape. And something else that cannot be overlooked: when designing a gravel garden, you have limitless individual possibilities and can fully express your creativity. On the one hand, you determine the shape and size of the area that you want to transform into a stone garden. Then choose the material for the top layer based on your personal taste and style. The color, size and grain of the individual stones are entirely up to you. Then decorate your garden with plants that are easy to care for and that you think will thrive there. These have to fit seamlessly into the overall design concept and make your garden look even more interesting and exotic with decorative grit.

In short, there are definitely a few things to consider before you start building a gravel garden.

You can also plan a small seating area outside.

Garden with ornamental gravel, small seating area, bench, stones, green plants

  • How do you go about creating a beautiful garden with ornamental gravel?

The following steps must be followed so that you can successfully design an easy-care Japanese-style garden in your own outdoor area:

  • the clever planning is the be-all and end-all of any successful garden design. Our advice is to start planning your design project down to the last detail. You can even transfer your design onto paper by making an accurate sketch of your garden landscape. This makes it easier to determine the shape and size of the area that you want to turn into a small Japanese garden with ornamental gravel. Make sure to consider exactly where the location is. It would be best if it is in a sunny or full sun location. The soil there can be sandy, gravel, poor in nutrients and dry. Also, pay attention to whether there are too many deciduous trees in the immediate vicinity. When it comes to gardening, this is not desirable, because in autumn you will certainly have a lot of work to collect the fallen leaves.

Exotic plants go well with stones and decorative grit.

Garten mit Ziersplitt exotische Pflanzen passen gut zum Stein

  • Before starting your project, you must have the Prepare the soil. On the already marked area, dig the soil about 30 cm deep and remove any parts of the plant and roots. Then mix the excavated topsoil in a ratio of 1: 1 with coarse gravel and fill it back up to about 20 cm. Then you need a tarpaulin, ie weed fleece or pond liner. You have to lay them out over the entire area. The tarpaulin stops pesky weeds from growing. So your garden will always look clean and well-tended. The decorative chippings are then placed on the tarpaulin. If you want to imitate the Japanese pattern of rock garden design, then you can choose different colored stones and use them to create geometric shapes. This will improve the appearance of your garden.

A dream garden to fall in love with!

Garten mit Ziersplitt große Trittplatten aus Stein üppige grüne Pflanzen

  • Your garden with ornamental gravel is almost finished. Now you have to plant and decorate, depending on your wishes and your personal preferences. When it comes to suitable garden plants, you can opt for easy-care and drought-loving plant species. Here we mean such as the evergreen yucca palm, sedum plant, robust shrubs, ornamental grasses. If you want a little more color in your paved garden, you can have bulbous plants there that bloom at different times. This creates a visual change and makes your garden even more attractive. Sculptures made of stone or water elements give this oasis of decorative grit the finishing touch.

Also consider the natural conditions of your outdoor area and design a stylish garden with ornamental gravel.

Garten mit Ziersplitt steinerne Landschaft Trittplatten Steine massive Steine Brücken

Last but not least, we would like to give you an important tip: first get all the necessary materials and tools and then get started! If you are in doubt where to buy decorative grit, we have the right address for you. You can find a wide range of products online at very affordable prices. The color palette ranges from white to gray and red to anthracite. Or maybe you would like to set a special accent with decorative grit Ice Blue? There you can also find out how ornamental gravel and ornamental chippings differ. Brave your research online and you will definitely find what you are looking for! The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun!

A bed with ornamental gravel and evergreen plants can mark the entrance to the garage!

Ein Beet mit Ziersplitt Einfahrt zur Garage immergrüne Pflanzen

The simplicity of the garden design leads to a WOW effect!

Garten mit Ziersplitt Steinplatten Ziersplitt große und kleinere Steine

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