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Stevan Djordjevic of Elmwood Park, Illinois specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases or conditions that affect oral and dental health. Additionally, he provides general dentistry services like professional cleanings and restorations.

On Wednesday night in Sierra Vista, Arizona, an off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent fatally shot one of his 26-year-old relatives from Michigan who had visited family in Sierra Vista for an extended visit. Police reported the shooting as occurring around 9:23 pm local time.

Early Life and Education

Stefan was an outstanding JD/MBA student who gave back to his community through volunteering at Downtown Legal Services and acting as mentor for first-year law students. Additionally, he participated in water polo at U of T and played on its team – his commitment will be sorely missed by us all.

Jovan Dordevic (13 November 1826 – 9 April 1900) was a Serbian writer, dramatist, Minister of Education, co-founder of both Novi Sad Serbian National Theatre and Belgrade National Theatre in 1861; founding Academy of Dramatic Art (Glumacka Akademija) in Novi Sad 1870 (Glumacka Akademija); authoring text for national anthem Boze Pravde. Additionally a member of Matica Srpska.

He was born in Bor, a small industrial town in Eastern Serbia. While still young he became passionate about skateboarding and started making amateur films.

Professional Career

Stevan Djordjevic, DMD is a dentist at Parise Preferred Podiatry Corp and holds his dental license in Illinois as well as accepting multiple insurance plans. With more than two decades of experience under his belt, this dentist continues to practice.

Slavoljub Dordevic, popularly known by his nickname Bata (Serbian Cyrillic: ata), was a Serbian rugby league player who made his mark at Heriot Watt University in Scotland. Considered one of the finest Serbian players ever seen on British turf, Bata was widely revered.

Coach of two national teams. Beginning his coaching career at Radnicki before moving onto Crvena Zvezda where he built an incredible squad with players like Zoran Slavnic, Dragan Kapicic and Ljubodrag Simonovic among many others. Furthermore, he has also guided Limoges CSP and IMT Belgrade clubs.

Achievement and Honors

Stevan Djordjevic is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker whose photography and short fiction film, “The Last Image of Father”, have been showcased at multiple exhibitions around the world. Additionally, “The Last Image of Father” won both Locarno Film Festival’s Young Jury award as well as Sarajevo Heart of Sarajevo award.

He has written and directed music videos. He has collaborated with musicians like Dragan Gale Vlajic and Milos Spasic as well as photography projects with his brother Bosko and other artists.

His research in Microbiology centers around Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Virulence and Plasmid. Additionally, his studies often overlap by exploring themes from adjacent fields, such as Bacterial adhesin and Virology. Furthermore, he has studied topics within Chemistry such as Plasma protein binding, Fibronectin Molecular biology Peptide sequence and Porcine Enzootic Pneumonia.

Personal Life

Stefan Dordevic is an accomplished rugby player, having competed in over 100 matches of Scotland’s premier league during his career. A passionate traveler, with an adventurous streak and restless disposition, Stefan’s wanderings led him to meet an unforgettable Scottish woman whom he eventually fell in love with and would spend much of his time traveling together before meeting up again in Scotland again later on in life.

Steven’s group utilizes genomic and proteomics data to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR), understand pathogen evolution and discover novel antigens for vaccine development. He is cofounder and group leader at Ausgem (Australian Centre for Genomic Epidemiological Microbiology).

Dr. Stevan Djordjevic accepts various insurance plans; for more information please contact his office. *New patients must verify coverage prior to scheduling an appointment.

Net Worth

Australian artist Sarah Walker has been active in show biz since 2012. She has participated in game reality TV shows as well as Serbian short TV series such as Last Drop. Furthermore, she has modelled for some renowned brands.

She has one brother named Matthew whom she shares a close bond with and often posts photos with on Instagram. As well, she enjoys a good relationship with both of her parents as well. At present (2022), she remains unmarried but plans on marrying at some point soon; social media user and frequent uploader of hair tutorial videos for YouTube channels like her own; spending time with her dog; as well as traveling extensively around the globe.

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