Stevan Popovic

Stevan Popovic

Stevan Popovic was a Serbian politician and writer best known as editor of the progressive newspaper Novi Sad Zastava. Additionally, he served in both Hungarian parliament and Croatian parliament.

He is the author of several books including Geography of Crne Gore. In addition, he has held various administrative and managerial positions throughout his career.

Early Life and Education

Stevan Popovic was born in Ruma in the Srem District of Vojvodina. After receiving his legal education, he served as an apprentice in both Vasa Durdevic’s law office in Osijek and Aleksandar Roknic’s practice in Sremska Mitrovica.

He quickly made a name for himself as an effective defense lawyer in political trials designed to dismantle the Croat-Serb coalition. Perhaps most notable among his cases was that of Friedjung Trial 1909 where he successfully demonstrated that state charges against Friedjung were founded upon false information.

Beginning in 1910, he served as a member of the Hungarian Parliament in Uzdin. Later returning to Serbian, he managed the Tekelijanum and tutored Prince Arsen and George Karadordevic.

Professional Career

Stevan Popovic is currently employed at Digital Fineprint, a venture-backed insure-tech Startup. In 2018 he started to learn to code to build side projects of his own and has held commercial roles at both YPlan and Deliveroo before.

He served as long-term manager of the Tekelijanum and tutor to Prince Aleksandar Karadordevic’s three children, including future King Peter. Ultimately he managed to find an equilibrium between his devotion to Austro-Hungarian monarchy and Serbian culture and history.

His recent efforts include designing programs that generate animation in response to spoken commands such as, “more the hat.” He envisions this technology serving both entertainment industry professionals and teachers/children. Creators simply drag objects over with a mouse, and the program generates the appropriate animated movements.

Achievement and Honors

Popovic’s career has taken him around the world, earning him many honours and accolades along the way. Most notably he led Western Sydney Wanderers to win their inaugural Asian title at Al Hilal Stadium, Saudi Arabia.

However, they call him “Popa,” as he doesn’t enjoy taking too much credit for their victory; preferring instead to praise his players instead.

Popovic holds an extensive connection with Crystal Palace and was previously their assistant manager prior to joining the Wanderers. There has also been speculation surrounding his potential appointment as Neil Warnock’s replacement as Palace boss – while Popovic remains active within Australian Football League Technical Advisory Panel and other related bodies.

Personal Life

Stevan Popovic was an active member of his church during his lifetime and wrote extensively on its teachings, religion, philosophy, saintly lives and more.

Professor of Dogmatics at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology until World War II’s end, he was an outspoken Christian who tried to convert intellectuals to his faith – leading him to be expelled from university in 1945.

He served in both the Hungarian Parliament and Croatian Parliament as well as fighting for Serbian rights in Austro-Hungarian monarchy, famous for his powerful yet eloquent speeches and closeness to Svetozar Miletic; editor of Novi Sad Zastava newspaper as well.

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