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A Keepsake For Steve Baugh’s Family and Friends

Families & friends are joining together online to create this precious keepsake.

He leaves behind his son Steven Ray Baugh and stepdaughters Jolee Lange & Renata Toulon; brothers Robert & Russell Koontz as well as Nieces & Nephews Brian, Carrie, Malea & Thor.

Steve Baugh serves as President of First Nation Group LLC, which specializes in medical equipment and services for veterans and government agencies. In this capacity he oversees strategic initiatives, operational efficiency measures and company policy/protocol implementation.

Early Life and Education

Steve Baugh was raised in Decatur County, Texas. An accomplished all-around athlete, Steve excelled at basketball, football and baseball – starring at each. At Sweetwater High School he honing his incredible passing skills by throwing balls through an old tire swinging pendule-style in his backyard.

After playing college football at TCU and leading them to bowl games during both of his junior and senior seasons, he led Southern Methodist University (SMU). Their 1935 match-up remains considered an iconic college classic.

His survivors include Lynn; son Steven Ray Baugh; stepdaughters Jolee Lange and Renata Toulon; brother Russell Koontz; as well as several nieces and nephews. He was an active member of the Free Mason Club as well as passionate about Harley Davidson motorcycles and hunting.

Professional Career

Baugh was widely considered one of the premier quarterbacks and versatile players during his sixteen-year professional football career, setting NFL records in passing, interceptions, punting and forward pass usage. Additionally, Baugh helped establish Redskins rabid fan bases by making forward pass an integral component of their offensive strategy.

He was selected as one of the top players for Washington Redskins who had recently relocated from Boston and signed an 8,000 contract, becoming their highest paid player at that time.

Baugh was a lean, 180-pound footballer from Temple and Sweetwater in Texas. Often depicted as an outcast rustic wearing a Stetson and speaking harsh language, Baugh led his Redskins team to victory both 1937 and 1942 before eventually retiring after serving two championship-game stints as coach.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Baugh will be deeply missed by family and friends on Dominica. Always pleasant, his infectious smile would brighten any room; in particular he enjoyed Harley Davidson Motorcycles as well as hunting; he was even an active member of the Free Mason Club.

He served as superintendent of Alpine School District and stake president for Orem Utah Windsor Stake. Additionally, he held membership on the Utah State Education Association board.

He leaves behind his son Steven Ray Baugh and stepdaughters Jolee Lange and Renata Toulon; brothers Robert Baugh and Russell Koontz; as well as nieces & nephews Brian, Carrie, Malea and Thor.

Personal Life

Steve Baugh had an affinity for family, travel and beach life; he enjoyed spear and net fishing and was part of the Freemasons. Steve was well known and loved on his home island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Baugh and Judith first began spending nights together in their trailer, she would sleep on the couch; later however they created a guest room for her and she began sleeping in their bed instead. Baugh sexually abused Judith several times while they lived there.

He began abusing her shortly after moving into their Princeton house with their family, though he claimed otherwise in court testimony and bank account records. These contradicted this claim of never abusing her.

Net Worth

Baugh has an estimated net worth between $1-$5 Million. He amasses considerable wealth through his work as a politician and micro nationalist as well as investing in real estate, funds, valuable assets, and other liquid investments.

Baugh is an outspoken proponent of America’s military and advocates for providing better care to veterans. Additionally, he opposes ocean drilling operations and views climate change as an urgent global problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Baugh was married to Adrianne, has four children, and eight grandchildren. In addition he had seven siblings – including nieces and nephews who predeceased him – as well as four Harley Davidson Motorcycles that he loved riding alongside friends on trips together and was an active Free Mason. He loved fishing with them all but especially loved his Harleys as an activity with which to spend his free time!

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