Steve Blessing

Steve Blessing

Steve Blessing is Senior Vice President of Treasury Management Services at MB Financial Bank and oversees client support operations for their full suite of Treasury Management products. With 30 years of experience in leadership, product management, client support roles, as well as undergraduate from University of Illinois as well as master’s and doctorate degrees from Carnegie Mellon.

Early Life and Education

At 15 months, Steve Mikita was unable to stand or bear weight on his feet. His parents sought advice from a Pittsburgh neurologist, who assured them their toddler was simply slow in developing and would walk soon enough.

At his childhood and adolescence, Steve defied expectations by playing baseball, basketball and football with his brother Bill as well as other friends. Bill would even tailor pick-up football games so Steve could rush quarterbacks or play defense when needed.

Blessing currently acts as participant representative for the All of Us Research Program and speaks frequently on its importance to medical breakthroughs. He is also an advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act and holds a deep interest in cognitive psychology – especially learning theory.

Professional Career

Steve Blessing has an old soul and unwavering belief in being true to oneself, which has propelled his success in numerous areas. A Renaissance Man with a talent for words and an old-fashioned work ethic.

Blessing became a regular starter under Bradley in 2021 and helped LAFC advance to the final of its inaugural Concacaf Champions League campaign. Additionally, he participated in both legs of a home-and-away round against Club Leon; playing 90 minutes in both legs.

During preseason, he asked his club to begin Sakyiamah’s immigration process so she could join him in America; this request has been granted and she should arrive during offseason.

Achievement and Honors

Blessing was Nebraska’s unbeaten high school state champion wrestler, taking home first place both his freshman and junior years of wrestling at state. Additionally, he competed at both state and NCCAA championships both years, accruing multiple victories along the way.

He has also written plays, garnering him multiple awards – including a Tony nomination for A Walk in the Woods – as well as teaching at venues such as Minneapolis Playwright’s Center, Actor’s Studio and Sewanee Writers Conference.

William is an experienced public speaker, frequently giving presentations at parish missions, youth events and concerts, staff retreats and music workshops. Additionally, he leads pilgrimages to the Holy Land and writes songs for OCP as well as being a frequent presenter at national conferences. When not speaking he enjoys hunting pheasant or trout fishing and attending Lisbon Sauerkraut Days with his family.

Personal Life

Steve Blessing has been around Red Sox spring training longer than both Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts have existed as players on the Red Sox roster. His seasonal job began back in 1992 – one year before City of Palms Park opened as JetBlue Park for business.

Since that first spring, Blessing has averaged approximately 100 games each season – an exceptional amount for a professional baseball employee. Blessing enjoys working alongside fans who tend to be respectful and don’t mind waiting in line for autographs.

Blessing has not only worked with the Red Sox but has traveled all around the world for parish missions, youth events and music workshops. He has presented primary talks at Washington DC pro-life rallies as well as Franciscan University conferences.

Net Worth

Creflo Dollar, an American preacher and businessman known for founding World Changers Church International. Additionally, he is also an author with titles like Understanding God’s Purpose for Anointing, Claim Your Victory Now!, Jambalaya for the Soul!, etc. He is estimated to be worth around $20 Million with several properties scattered around America owned by him including his private jet and various properties owned by him as assets.

Calculating one’s net worth requires subtracting their liabilities from their assets, with assets including cash, retirement accounts, investment accounts, cars, and homes as assets while liabilities include credit card bills, student loans and mortgage debt as liabilities.

Steve began uploading YouTube videos under the username SteveWillDoIt in May 2017, quickly amassing over 5 million subscribers. His workouts include HIIT, cardio, and weight training – with plenty of food and alcohol for consumption too!

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