Steve Branham

Rear Admiral Steve Branham

Branham served on sea duty for 12 years, leading cutters in drug law enforcement, migrant interdiction, search and rescue operations, marine safety cleanup and pollution mitigation, search and rescue as well as serving as on-scene commander during the TWA 800 airliner crash.

At around this time, Branham began leaning heavily upon his Ku Klux Klan roots by insisting that African Americans give up their rights and that interracial marriage was immoral.

Early Life and Education

Rear Admiral Branham earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering from the United States Coast Guard Academy, a Master of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a Master of National Security Strategy from the National War College. He served in numerous afloat and shore assignments across both coasts – most recently commanding CGAS Louisville Kentucky.

He also held board membership at Suncoast Blood Bank and Chairmanship at Longboat Key Pension Fund. His exceptional skills and devotion to his clients will be greatly missed.

He was an experienced psychotherapist, professional coach, and marriage crisis counselor with extensive experience leading, mentoring and counseling individuals, couples, and groups on their psychological, experiential, emotional or intellectual journeys.

Professional Career

Rear Admiral Steve Branham served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 37 years, rising to two-star admiral. His education includes a bachelor’s in engineering from U.S. Coast Guard Academy, master’s degrees in business administration from Case Western Reserve University and national security strategy from National Defense University.

He has extensive experience serving on a range of cutters providing drug law enforcement, migrant interdiction, search and rescue operations and marine safety. Additionally, he was appointed Senior Management Executive at Witt O’Brien Disaster Response company.

He currently sits on the board of Suncoast Blood Bank in Longboat Key, Florida. Together with his wife Susan Phillips, they both take pleasure in living on Longboat Key and participating in outdoor sports with friends.

Achievement and Honors

Branham has been awarded the 2022 Virginia Tech Department of Computer Science Distinguished Early Career Alumni award. This prestigious recognition seeks to identify and recognize early career alumni who have made an exceptional impactful contribution in their fields of research. Beyond her professional contributions, Branham places great value in community involvement. She often advises her students to seek out those that make them feel heard when times get rough, offering support when times get tough.

Branham is also an accomplished rugby player. She twice won the Mark Loane High School Rugby Championship and was honored to make the all-tournament team, representing USA international competitions; as part of a winning rugby team for Four Nations Cup 2014; and currently teaching at University of California Irvine.

Personal Life

Rear Admiral Branham served in various Coast Guard cutters during his 12-year sea duty career, performing drug law enforcement, migrant interdiction, search and rescue, marine safety measures in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, disaster-response teams during both the 1980 Mariel boatlift of Cuban migrants from Haiti as well as the 1996 TWA 800 airliner crash in the Caribbean.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors for Suncoast Blood Bank in Sarasota, Florida as well as being chairman of Longboat Key Combined Pension Fund and member of Sarasota Yacht Club Charitable Foundation’s board of directors. Additionally, Susan is serving on Longboat Key’s Community Development Advisory Council and thus actively contributing to Longboat Key life.

Branham claimed he was sent by God as an angel to deliver the messages and healings predicted in Scripture. At his peak of popularity in the 1950s, many neo-Pentecostal churches supported his ministry.

Net Worth

Branham has not disclosed his net worth publicly, yet is expected to command a healthy salary as his career advances. As an excellent player and star member of San Antonio Spurs, he should see significant financial success soon enough.

Malaki Branham made an instant impact as soon as he came off the bench, scoring in double figures 17 of 20 regular season games, contributing greatly to Ohio State’s Big Ten championship run and being instrumental in an overtime victory against Nebraska in round two of NCAA Tournament.

Branham’s healing revivals were popular worldwide, but his popularity quickly diminished after many of those he claimed to have helped died. Investigative journalists as well as South Africa and Norway governments accused his ministry of fraud.

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