Steve Breedlove

Steve Breedlove

Steve Breedlove has been involved with several businesses over his lifetime. He has an exceptional talent for designing and creating innovative stringed instruments.

His other duties include serving as Presider Bishop pro tem of PEARUSA, an Anglican Church of Rwanda missionary district established in 2012. He currently resides with his wife and children.

Early Life and Education

By 1994, Breedlove’s gamble to create an innovative line of fingerstyle instruments had started paying off. He and Henderson had amassed a team, begun showing their guitars at NAMM shows, and added new models – most notably their Kay Kraft-inspired CM model which became immensely popular.

Once Mrs. Breedlove had given birth to 10 children, raising them required much ingenuity from Mrs. Breedlove. To meet their nutritional needs during wintertime she would supplement their larder with game she shot using her husband’s handmade rifle.

From 1947 to 1956 he worked as a traveling salesman for Wallace and Tiernan before moving to Quanah where he managed and eventually owned ANDERSON Sheet Metal Works before selling it in 1989.

Professional Career

Breedlove Guitar Company has achieved all three feats successfully, being chosen by artists as diverse as Ed Gerhard and Jeff Tweedy to play their instruments and making an outstanding profit margin.

Breedlove has earned a name for itself through innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship, but also employs creative business strategies. Peter Newport (an ex-consultant with Pepsi) is currently leading this effort with his 20-year plan designed to expand without losing core customers.

The Rt. Rev. Steven Allen Breedlove is an American prelate of the Anglican Church in North America, having been consecrated as Presider Bishop Pro Term of PEARUSA (a missionary district merged with Anglican Church of Rwanda in United States in 2012) in 2012. Since 2015 he has also served as bishop ordinary of Christ Our Hope Diocese.

Achievement and Honors

Kierra Campbell, a senior nursing student – recipient of the George Moses Horton Award for Multicultural Leadership; Mildred Dasher, senior linguistics major and winner of Alexander Julian Award recognizing outstanding senior based on scholastic achievement and academic leadership;

Tim’s patients remember him as compassionate, skilled and humble. His Midwestern sense of humor was infectious, always ready for discussion or entertaining the odd joke. A colleague noted how, during a Paris-Brest-Paris ride, when another racer was contemplating quitting, Breedlove gave her Swedish counterpart a lesson on mental imaging and breaking the race up into segments to help keep going and finish successfully. Breedlove became PEARUSA’s inaugural Presider Bishop pro Term on 29 October 2012. He was consecrated on that same date by Pope Francis on 29 October 2012 after being elected by their Anglican Church of Rwanda predecessors; this missionary district officially welcomed its inaugural Presider Bishop pro Term. His consecration ceremony took place on 29 October 2012.

Personal Life

Breedlove and his writer wife Sally have been married since 1972 and together have five children and thirteen grandchildren. He currently serves as Bishop for Christ Our Hope’s Anglican Diocese.

He has published over 200 research papers and five college-level textbooks, in addition to media work that emphasizes freedom and self-determination across all aspects of human activity.

Breedlove faced funding obstacles when trying to advance land-speed records. Mickey Thompson quit racing due to inability to find enough sponsors who supported his rocket and jet powered vehicles for unthinkable speeds; even the heavily funded Bloodhound project ended up sitting dormant after several years due to lack of sponsorships.

Net Worth

Steve Breedlove, a lifelong resident of Rio Vista, owns multiple homes, an industrial property, and warehouse space on Front Street within the city as well as some properties in Southern California and Reno, Nevada.

At the time of his death, Breedlove was still preparing for another land-speed record attempt with his team. He had designed and purchased a car as well as hired an engineer and driver for this attempt.

After investing in Breedlove, Newport developed a 20-year plan to expand into new markets without losing its core customer base. He recruited top sales and marketing staff members as part of this growth initiative – all to great effect; Breedlove thrived under Newport’s management.

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