Steve Gillotti

Who is Steve Gillotti?

By the mid 1990s, the Gillotti family had opened several Maid-Rite stores. To manage them effectively, they hired an outside consultant from Chicago to draft operating manuals and quality standards for the chain.

Steve Gillotti may have been born just too late to become a major force on the early ’60s folk music scene, yet his talent and drive have enabled him to build an exceptional career as an American singer-songwriter.

Early Life and Education

As a young boy, Steve Gillotti moved with his family to Blue Springs. There he attended Blue Springs High School where he excelled as both an athlete and wide receiver; he found his true calling on the golf course, spending many hours practicing on its range while honing his skills and working tirelessly on improving his game.

In 1982, Gillotti sold his Maid-Rite chain to Clayton Blue but later discovered that Blue had altered the contract terms. When this became evident to Gillotti he took back control and reversed the sale in order to retain all franchises; this experience transformed both his life and business philosophy; later attending William Jewel College and the University of Tulsa for further studies.

Professional Career

Steve Gillotti has an extensive career history in the golf industry. For over 15 years he was a professional golfer at Oaks North Golf Course and currently works there as well as coaching and developing golf professionals.

His leadership skills are sought-after by global corporations and nonprofit organizations alike – including his alma mater. His generous annual donations and estate gifts have provided vital funds to support numerous programs throughout the University.

Katie was deeply moved by her experience with grief, leading her to volunteer at Pathways of Hope. She hopes to return as a “Camp Buddy,” offering companionship and guidance to young grievers like herself.

Achievement and Honors

Gillotti stands as an outstanding singer-songwriter in an age dominated by folk rock. His recordings have garnered glowing reviews and strong loyalty from his audience. He has performed at numerous music festivals, such as Clearwater’s Hudson River Revival, Fox Hollow and the International Songwriter’s Festival at Frutigen, Switzerland. Additionally, he traveled to Japan where he participated actively in social causes like anti nuclear movements. On tour across the world and teaching guitar, songwriting and record production on over one hundred college campuses worldwide. He also wrote the book SONGWRITING AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS; has written songs for film projects including Walt Disney characters such as Jiminy Cricket, Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh; wrote book: SONGWRITING AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS

Cindy Mangsen and Larry support many area nonprofits as well as their alma mater through annual gifts and endowed funds.

Personal Life

Search public records of Steve Gillotti in Indiana, Missouri and other states to locate phone numbers, addresses, relatives and more.

Steve Gillotti’s children have long been involved with Camp Pathways of Hope. When Katie Gillotti learned of her father’s cancer diagnosis and gave him only seven weeks to live, it inspired her to volunteer as a “Camp Buddy”, supporting younger grievers through their grief journeys.

In the mid-1980s, Angell sold his Maid-Rite chain to Clayton Blue. When Blue’s business went bankrupt in 1991, Gillotti took control of franchise contracts before eventually purchasing outright and operating Maid-Rite Ventures; which is owned by Marlo and Brad Schoech who have both been charged with fraud.

Net Worth

He is an established YouTuber and Instagram IGTV video maker who has established themselves as digital celebrities with a considerable following on both platforms.

His YouTube channel, other social media platforms, brand endorsements, and sponsorships generate an enormous stream of income for him. Furthermore, he generates extra funds through hosting giveaways or giving out expensive items as tokens of love as gifts for his fans.

He lives an extravagant lifestyle and owns an impressive fleet of cars, offering giveaways to his followers and donating one to one of them (an impressive Tesla Model X to one in particular!). His estimated net worth stands at an estimated $4 Million when all owned assets and debts are taken into consideration.

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