Steve Gribbin

Steve Gribbin

Steve Gribbin has become one of the most beloved figures on the circuit with his irreverent observations and outrageous comedy songs that combine sharp lyrics with catchy tunes that stick in your mind for good measure. His songs combine sharp lyrics with tunes that leave an unforgettable mark.

Gribbin unleashes his anger against Britains railway system through his most unpleasant train trips as an illustration. Even those who consider themselves staunch purists may find Gribbin’s views surprising.

Early Life and Education

Gribbin, originally one half of Skint Video, is an award-winning satirist who writes and sings his own amusing songs. Additionally, he has appeared on countless television and radio programs as an actor or musical artist.

His nonfiction works cover numerous topical science subjects. For example, In Search of Schroedinger’s Cat examines how recent developments in quantum physics may be providing answers to one of life’s deepest mysteries.

Gribbin has written Deep Simplicity to explain chaos theory’s history and suggest its ability to provide answers to some of humanity’s fundamental questions – like when life began. Additionally, he has published various mathematics-related works such as Big Numbers for younger readers as well as novels addressing natural disasters and evolutionary theory.

Professional Career

Gribbin specializes in Collection Management services to art world clients. He collaborates with his team of staff members and an established network of top art world professionals to ensure safe stewardship of collections.

He provides other collections-related services, including appraisals and insurance issues. Furthermore, he has considerable expertise in domestic and international shipping, storage, and other logistical needs.

Gribbin has written several books on scientific topics. Einstein: A Life in Science (cowritten with Michael White) explores the theories of one of the greatest modern theoretical physicists – his metaphors and analogies, according to one New York Times reviewer, are said to “fairly propel you toward understanding”. Additionally, Gribbin looks into new developments in physics which seek the origins of our universe.

Achievement and Honors

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Gribbin has written extensively in various scientific fields, from astrophysics and cosmology to quantum theory, biographies of scientists, and popular science topics. He coauthored successful biographies of two 20th-century physicists – Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Einstein: A Life in Science “deftly and entertainingly puts Einstein’s genius into context”, according to one New York Times Book Review contributor.

He writes satirical songs about current affairs, as well as being one of a very rare breed: comic singers who can actually sing their own lyrics. For nine years he was one-half of Skint Video which were mainstays at Edinburgh Festival as well as appearing on television such as Saturday Live Live and radio such as Mary Whitehouse Experience and 1992/3 Songlines (BBC Radio 1) respectively before parting ways in 1993; ever since then he has been storming around as an independent artist.

Personal Life

Gribbin enjoys sailing and Irish music in addition to his writing. Along with his wife Mary, they combine their interests in science and literature through writing books that clarify scientific concepts found in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy; one such work “does an impressive job of explaining scientific ideas in language readers can understand,” as stated by Jeannine M. Chapman of Horn Book Magazine.

Gribbin has earned widespread acclaim as a comedian thanks to his satirical songs and off-the-wall observations, drawing audiences in with his energetic delivery and comedic physicality. Whether he’s mocking political failures like Covid or drawing attention to its harsh human cost in cost of living crises he keeps the energy up through wry jokes delivered with comedic physicality that keep audiences laughing; or by raising serious topics such as quantum physics and how our universe began.

Net Worth

Steve Gribbin is a diminutive guitar-wielding satirist whose hilarious comedy songs and off the wall observations have cemented him a place on the comedy circuit. Firmly grounded in rock ‘n’ roll and not shying away from taking risks in his writing style, his songs represent that rarest of finds: comedy songs which actually make you laugh out loud!

After nine years as the smaller half of Skint Video, stalwarts of Edinburgh Festival television such as Saturday Live, radio programs like Mary Whitehouse Experience or their own Showlines (BBC Radio 1) show in 1992/3 Songlines show, in 1993 the duo parted ways and since has been making his way solo across UK and Ireland venues.

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