Steve Harward

Steve Harward

Steve Harward is a sociologist who specializes in social change in Africa. He has written extensively on this topic, and also holds a professorship at Ohio University.

The Committee notes that Mr. Harward was given his choice of lawyer and access to all files related to his trial, thus fulfilling his right to an impartial proceeding.

Early Life and Education

Steve Harward was born March 16, 1958 in Los Angeles, California. At the University of Michigan he received his undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics before going on to earn a JD from their Law School – helping launch their Journal of Law and Society which seeks to incorporate humanities and social sciences scholarship. Additionally he holds the title of Chief Executive Officer with Prime Corporate Services having held this post for 11 years and was also part of Yale Graduate School Alumni Association.

Professional Career

Howard works at Prime Corporate Services, an organization which assists investors, traders and entrepreneurs with financial structuring needs. Since 2010, he has assisted over 35,000 people and also sits on the boards of directors of several notable companies like Liz Claiborne Inc., The Argentine Investment Fund and EarthColor Inc.

Harward is well-regarded by Defense Secretary James Mattis, whom many see as an important moderate on Trump’s national security team. Harward works at Lockheed Martin and has experience in the Middle East as well as former Navy SEAL mission deployment and an advisory role to several countries – such as Saudi Arabia. Although not an outspoken conservative himself, he does support policies which are pro-business.

Achievement and Honors

Christine Harward had five siblings including Caswell Sugg Harward and Allen Mays Harward; all reside in North Carolina where Christine passed away at her death place.

Steve Howard, 31, is the Imperial Wizard for the Northern Mississippi White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan and has been featured in a video entitled “Wounded Hate Late – Klavern.” A veteran of Iraq War, he also has an avid passion for KKK while being an accomplished musician – earning him many followers on Facebook.

Personal Life

Steve Harward is an American businessman currently serving as Chief Executive Officer of Prime Corporate Services Inc. During this time he has amassed an impressive 11-year tenure and gained invaluable expertise within his field.

He currently sits on the Board of Directors at Salt Lake City Chamber and is actively engaged with volunteering at local charities he is involved with. Furthermore, his family includes his wife Mercedes, children, and siblings – his four pillars of strength!

George Harward and Elizabeth (nee Sugg-Harward-Jenkins) Harward are his parents; he has five siblings including Julia O. Watson and Allen Mays Harward who reside in Utah with them. George enjoys hiking and playing basketball among many other activities.

Net Worth

Steve Harward, owner and CEO of Prime Corporate Services (PCS), went from wearing hard hat and shovel to building multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses successfully. PCS was established after Harward identified a significant gap in knowledge and support services regarding legal and financial structuring for investors, traders, and entrepreneurs to help achieve long-term success.

Steve Harward serves on various boards of companies and institutions such as United Airlines Corp, Liz Claiborne Inc, EarthColor Inc, St John’s College Nina McLemore Inc and The Protective Group – among others. Additionally, Lone Pine Capital (which invests in companies such as Patreon, Square and other growth companies) is led by him as its President.

His films include Rush (2013) starring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl; as well as Oscar-winning biographies such as Albert Einstein: A Beautiful Mind (2004) with Russell Crowe as Albert Einstein; as well as blockbusters such as Backdraft (1991), Far and Away (1992) and Apollo 13 (2006).

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