Steve Hedges

The Photography of Steve Hedges

Hedges has photographed numerous subjects spanning public relations, commercial photography and portraiture photography. His photographs have appeared in multiple publications.

Hedges was previously a columnist for Truthdig, where his articles focused on class struggle in America. Additionally, Hedges taught writing classes in prisons in New Jersey. Today he lives on a farm near Columbus North Carolina.

Early Life and Education

Hedges was an award-winning journalist, accomplished aviator, and proud father to four children. Additionally, he was an advocate for general aviation – actively contributing to AOPA’s airport and pilot advocacy efforts.

Truthdig regularly published his writing, often covering subjects ranging from class struggle and globalization effects, as well as its negative ramifications on American leftism.

His research on how subverting images of hatred can have a powerful impact has been published in several books and he was an adjunct professor of history at Rice University. Hedges lived on his family farm near Columbus, North Carolina and is survived by his wife and four children – an inspiration to all those who knew him.

Professional Career

Hedges holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Aviation Maintenance Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic license; additionally, he has received company Continuous Improvement trainer certification. In his time working in aerospace and defense industries he supported major U.S. government military development, production, and aftermarket projects.

Hedges taught writing classes at New Jersey prisons as part of an initiative sponsored by Princeton and Rutgers universities for 10 years, and this experience inspired his 2021 book entitled Our Class: Trauma and Transformation in an American Prison.

Hedges has an immense passion for general aviation and for 18 years has served as an AOPA’s media relations director and Southern regional manager in their office of airport and pilot advocacy. Additionally, he holds certification as both farrier and instructor at Midwest Horseshoeing School.

Achievement and Honors

Hedges earned an Overseas Press Club award for a cover story he published in July 1991 that declared Saddam Hussein to be “The World’s Most Dangerous Man,” just one month prior to the Gulf War. Additionally, Hedges exposed America’s incompetence during the 1990 Bosnian war.

After leaving the Tribune, Hedges became a reporter at U.S. News & World Report where he covered national and international stories. His investigative work revealed the illegal market for human tissues as well as aviation system failures such as an American Eagle commuter plane that crashed and killed 110 people in 1994.

Hedges was also an accomplished writer and director of photography. His son Lucas Hedges has appeared in several films directed by Kenneth Lonergan such as Boy Erased and Ben Is Back.

Personal Life

Hedges was an active member of Asbury United Methodist Church in Portland and served on its board of directors, in addition to membership in Portland Breakfast Optimist Club, Lions Club, and Jaycees.

His passion was animal rights, environmentalism and football – as well as Sammy and Josie his beloved cats! He enjoyed working his ranch.

Hedges died peacefully at his family farm in Columbus, North Carolina on October 1, 2022 and is survived by his wife Rebecca Carr Hedges and four children – Jane Doloughty, Charles Barton Hedges, Quinn Culbertson Hedges and Caroline Maude Francis Hedges – including Quinn Culbertson Hedges who has requested donations be sent to Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center or AOPA Flight Training Scholarship programs in lieu of flowers.

Net Worth

Even amid an unpredictable stock market, The Forbes 400 saw its highest ever number of hedge fund billionaires since 2008. This increase can be attributed to strong industry returns so far this year and lower fees and ownership structures at funds.

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