Steve Hegwood

Steve Hegwood – The Man Behind Streetz 94.5

Steve Hegwood’s Streetz 94.5 stands out in an urban radio landscape dominated by corporations and syndications; Hegwood stands apart as an independent programming expert that can freely promote both his show and brand in one of the top hip hop markets.

Hegwood sees his dreadlocks as part of his unique identity and doesn’t understand why they should become an issue. Policies regarding personal grooming often run up against state and federal employment discrimination laws, raising ethical considerations.

Early Life and Education

Hegwood began his career at a car dealership in LaFayette, Georgia before transitioning into radio broadcasting. Prior to this move, Hegwood held sales and marketing roles before switching careers entirely. He holds both an MS degree with an emphasis in solid state inorganic chemistry from University of Houston as well as an MEd from Sam Houston State University.

Programming veteran Hegwood stands out in today’s urban radio scene by owning his own station – even if this seems impossible to some. But Hegwood is making it happen!

Hegwood serves on both Streetz 94.5 airwaves and as CEO of Core Communications, most recently introducing 24-hour Hip-Hop streaming network STREETZ TV. Music is something Hegwood strongly values as something which unifies humanity – something which Hegwood believes strongly can happen through music.

Professional Career

Hegwood introduced Streetz 94.5 into Atlanta market several years ago, and its popularity quickly skyrocketed. Although its signal only covers a narrow radius in metro Atlanta, Hegwood manages to make it work by constantly reinventing black radio rules.

Hegwood prioritizes playing local music first on his station, giving homegrown artists an opportunity to break big in an arena known for launching hip-hop careers. Additionally, Hegwood works hard to secure local advertisers who otherwise couldn’t afford bigger corporate stations with similar sound at lower costs – his “David vs Goliath” strategy has proven itself successful as his station gains audience share at the expense of rival radio giants in San Francisco.

Achievement and Honors

The next year, he was honored as the Mid-American Conference (MAC) Player of the Year and earned three letters in soccer and four in track (hurdles). Additionally, he consistently made it onto IWU Dean’s List each semester of his college career.

He is an accomplished radio executive and part owner of Atlanta-based urban music station Streetz 94.5. Several years ago he brought this concept to market and took full advantage of all the changes and programming concepts local radio had ignored over the years.

Hegwood also founded STREETZ TV, an internet television network featuring live performances by artists as well as exclusive content monetization opportunities for content creators.

Personal Life

Hegwood is married and lives with Kia Hegwood; together they share one daughter. In his free time he enjoys following Atlanta Falcons sports as an avid fan.

Hegwood has proven his skill with Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta’s downtown core, where his limited signal has allowed him to achieve impressive ratings that most major market stations couldn’t accomplish even with massive budgets and research resources.

Hegwood’s success in an increasingly competitive marketplace is remarkable and has proven that independent radio can thrive despite the growing influence of corporate and syndicated content. His innovative approach was ahead of its time and well regarded within the industry.

Net Worth

Hegwood currently boasts an estimated net worth of $80 Million as of 2020, amassing it through radio, music production and television business ventures as well as investment activities on the stock market. Additionally, Hegwood counts many close family and friends among his supporters that have contributed significantly to his success in life.

Hegwood was an active member of Menlo First Baptist Church in Spring and Alpine Lodge #211 of Masonry, as well as being survived by his wife Margaret Crain Hegwood; daughters Natalie Hegwood, Alicia Haynes, Angela Hegwood Hogue as well as sons Michael Heath Hegwood and Colin Hegwood as well as many grandchildren.

Programming veteran Hegwood brought Streetz 94.5 to Atlanta over two years ago and since then has seen it make waves by doing what corporate radio can’t – while doing well as a result.

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