Steve Hepple

Steve Hepple

Heppell offers engaging presentations filled with practical experience from across many sectors. His impressive track record in learning and technology includes providing support for major government initiatives as well as premier sports teams such as England Rugby and Team GB.

He trained in Sheffield, Bristol and Dallas and has an in-depth understanding of foot & ankle problems & trauma. Additionally, he serves as treasurer for the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle society and an AO trauma teaching faculty member.

Early Life and Education

Since 1998, Mr Hepple has been providing medico-legal reports without favoritism towards either claimants or defendants in cases requiring them. Furthermore, he offers pre-litigation advice/opinion on foot and ankle injuries.

He possesses extensive expertise in Orthopaedic pathology due to his training initially in Sheffield and then Bristol. Coupled with further specialized experiences gained during Birmingham, Dallas and Brisbane visits gives him a distinct perspective when treating complex foot and ankle ailments.

He is a member of both the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society and BOA trauma teaching faculty, serving as Clinical Director of Musculoskeletal Services at North Bristol NHS Trust as well as regularly teaching courses to medical students, GPs, physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. Dr. Omar specialises in complex foot and ankle surgery including arthritis treatments such as total ankle replacement.

Professional Career

Stephen has been at the center of much effective change through a series of online projects. Most recently, this includes producing a Guide to Ingenuity for Victoria state government and undertaking extensive studies of learning environments in Saudi Arabia.

His Orthopaedic training was gained at Sheffield & Bristol hospitals and he has undergone specialist foot & ankle surgery in Birmingham, Dallas and Brisbane. Now working as a regional musculoskeletal consultant at North Bristol NHS Trust.

Dr. Stephen Whitehouse specialises in complex foot and ankle problems and performs arthroscopy and ankle replacement surgeries. As the Treasurer of the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society and Faculty Member for AO Trauma, he treats sport related injuries including several professional sports teams in the region.

Achievement and Honors

Hepple has provided learning solutions to some of the world’s leading governments, agencies, companies and schools; his advice has also been sought out by elite athletes like England Rugby and Team GB’s Olympic coaches.

At Sheffield and Bristol he gained comprehensive orthopaedic pathology experience before training for foot & ankle surgery in Brisbane & Dallas. Since then he has gained further expertise in treating all forms of foot ailments, from ankle arthroscopy to total knee replacement.

He is a regular feature on television shows such as Newsnight and BBC Breakfast sofa, Channel 4’s Things to Come and Channel 5’s You Be the Judge. In addition to television appearances and publications related to Learning Technology and New Media, his presentations offer insightful practical experiences combined with captivating tales that leave participants wanting more – often leading to seminar discussions afterwards!

Personal Life

Steve Hepple leaves behind his mother Anna Joan (Blum) Flynn of Newington as well as three daughters: Lindsey Hepple Dunnack and Kyle of Willington; Morgan Hepple from Mansfield Center with Peter; and Mallory Akin from New Hartford along with numerous nieces and nephews.

Hepple was sentenced to three years after admitting selling heroin to an undercover officer posing as an addict, while James Hall from Arkle Street Gateshead with 118 previous convictions was jailed for two years.

Since 1998, Mr Hepple has provided medico-legal reports without bias for both plaintiff and defendant parties. With over 20 years of experience in all aspects of general trauma as well as foot & ankle injuries, he is known for being impartial when acting for both plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Net Worth

Mr Hepple brings years of experience to foot and ankle surgery. He completed basic orthopaedic training in Sheffield and Bristol as well as advanced training programs in Dallas and Brisbane. Since 2002, Mr Hepple has worked exclusively as a foot and ankle consultant in Bristol; also acting as treasurer of the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society.

Hepple is an affable performer who avoids becoming vulgar during his song about an accidental erection and successfully builds stage chemistry with Lawson – a fiery multilingual who boasts six languages and proficiency in multiple sports. Additionally, Hepple engages in clinical negligence work and offers pre-litigation advice/opinion services while being an active member of both British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and AO trauma teaching faculty.

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