Steve Jerman

Steve Jerman

Steve Jerman is an award-winning writer and business consultant. With years of experience in branding and product development as well as marketing and sales strategies, he offers invaluable knowledge.

“Finished second all-time in extra points and scoring, tied the single-game program record with four field goals against The Citadel and recorded his career-long 47-yarder at Samford… was ranked 28th among FCS players for field goal percentage.”

Early Life and Education

Graduate of Worthington High School and Ohio State University. His long career in dentistry focused around treating his patients as family, going the extra mile to meet their needs while also respecting privacy of first families.

Jerman was more than a patrolman to this small mountain town of 4,600 people in Pennsylvania: He served as big brother, confidante, advisor and advocate. When the replica Vietnam Wall visited town he volunteered his vacation time by camping out in his camper; additionally he became the main cook at annual police memorial ceremonies.

Professional Career

Jerman spends his free time golfing, attending Oregon State football and basketball games as an OSU alumni, traveling, and spending quality time with family.

At Aprilia he continued his improvement throughout the 2000 season, culminating in eleven point-scoring finishes and seven top tens. For 2001 he would make his podium debut by coming third at Assen and Brno – both notable achievements!

Jerman barely managed to survive doing work that brought in little profit, yet still produced designs that became household names within his local community. He earned himself the moniker “All-Around Creative Brain” in local press coverage of him as well as being known as an adviser and counselor for local teenagers as they learned about drugs and alcohol use – but Jerman had plenty of reasons to live.

Achievement and Honors

At the local post office, flags were lowered to half mast while country singer Vince Gill’s “Go Rest High on that Mountain” song played on radio station WFMU-FM. Flowers decorated local parking meters while his impactful lifelong impact was showcased through banners hanging over school main gates as testaments of our community’s gratitude.

Jerman was a four-year starter for the Bucs and earned Second Team All-SoCon honors from coaches and media… His field goal attempts totaled 14-of-16, setting an individual program record with 47 yards against Samford… Jerman also finished 28th nationally for both field goal percentage and yards per game field goals attempted.

Jerman was an extremely committed law enforcement officer and took pride in volunteering his services for various community projects. Two summers ago, he spent some of his vacation time camping out at a replica of Vietnam Wall in town before volunteering to cook breakfast at annual police memorial ceremonies.

Personal Life

Jerman had a wife and two children. In his small mountain town of 4,600, he often provided guidance to young people, warning of potential risks that come with trying drugs and alcohol.

Jerman was an avid gardener, taking great pleasure in landscaping projects. Additionally, he enjoyed golf and attending Ohio State football and basketball games to cheer for his alma mater.

He enjoyed cooking and devising his own style of combining images in Photoshop called mergings; he wrote several books about this technique as well as becoming a well-known lecturer on it. According to his family, he truly enjoyed helping others.

Net Worth

Net worth can be defined as the difference between all of your assets and liabilities. Assets refer to anything with a monetary value such as stocks, real estate, or even cash in your checking account; liabilities refer to debts such as student loans or credit card balances.

Steve Jerman was much more than a police officer for Kane’s 4,600 residents – he was also a husband, father, civic volunteer, friend, big brother to teenaged sons/daughters, counselor, confidant and friend, warning of alcohol and drug dangers. His death sent shockwaves through Kane; mourning ceremonies were held recently to remember this good man who dedicated so much of himself as both police officer and all-around nice person.

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