Steve Kling

Steve Kling, Market Owner at Myway Mobile Storage

Kling and his team have earned themselves an esteemed reputation as one of the most results-driven suburban office leasing teams on the market, consistently offering top market terms to clients.

Kling creates military history games to promote museum exhibits. His latest game – covering the Battle of Quebec – can be found through Historical Game Company website.

Early Life and Education

Kling, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran who earned his military decorations, is running against Republican Donna Campbell for a seat in the Texas Senate. As a progressive who stands against underfunding of public schools and disapproves of any scapegoating in policy debates on immigration in this state.

Kling has been an active Farm Bureau member since 1977 and has held various leadership roles at both county and state levels. In 2018, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation honored him with their Distinguished Service award – truly recognizing his years of dedication.

Kling and his wife Pat currently own and operate a 50-cow dairy farm. Kling hopes to find an engaged young couple to assist him with transitioning ownership of his herd. Max and Rudy the dogs reside with them in Dripping Springs.

Professional Career

Steve Kling has been serving Myway Mobile Storage for three years as Market Owner. In this position he oversees paperwork, inventory, cash transactions, student training from Business, Management & Marketing Technologies program as well as paperwork management.

He is also co-founder of SPK and Associates, a consultancy that specializes in technology strategy and implementation. Prior to SPK and Associates, he worked at Hewlett Packard and Visionary Design Systems where his global support business saw revenue multiply six-fold.

He has extensive expertise in commercial real estate, land use and zoning issues, creditor’s rights litigation, as well as landlord representation. He has worked on behalf of property owners, developers and financial institutions – as well as landlords themselves. His strong track record for results-driven execution allows landlords to achieve successful absorption of vacant spaces as well as renewal on market terms for existing tenants.

Achievement and Honors

Kling has pioneered a novel field in environmental economics that marries traditional natural resource science with classical economic analysis, creating methods for measuring people’s appreciation of their environment, translating that appreciation into support for environmental improvement projects.

Kling has served on the Jackson County Farm Bureau board since 1977 and served as president. In 2015, he received Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation’s highest honor: the Distinguished Service to Farm Bureau award.

Kling is running as the Democratic candidate for Texas State Senate District 25 currently held by Donna Campbell, after defeating Jack Guerra in the primary. Kling completed and submitted the Ballotpedia Candidate Connection Survey which can be read here; Kling currently lives in Dripping Springs.

Personal Life

Kling has extensive experience practicing real estate, creditor rights, corporate law and serving on the board of Jackson County Farm Bureau – regularly attending their Leader trips to Washington D.C.

Kling’s actions during and after the attack indicate he did not intend to kill Kellie intentionally but rather was acting spontaneously or out of passion. According to him, his comments to Officer Wenzl and Agent Bundy that he would store her body in his closet demonstrate this lack of premeditation since had he intended on killing Kellie he would have devised a plan in advance to do it.

Kling currently works as an executive for a software company and lives with his wife and twin boys Everett and Elliott in Austin. Additionally, he served two combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Net Worth

Although on the run, Kling remained busy. He searched eBay for silencers, visited fetish websites, and kept a journal that detailed his likes and dislikes. Additionally, he visited a chain store, purchasing both a tool chest and size 13 sneakers for himself.

By the time Randy Kling killed Bill and Moo Budfuloski, police only knew of him as Randy Kling and found it hard to believe that someone they found collecting tools, bicycles, jumper cables and dirty sanitary napkins under their bed could actually be a multimillionaire who led a company producing car parts.

On February 26th 1985, officers conducted an arrest raid of Kling’s Running Springs cabin and discovered computer, floppy disks, a ruger handgun and 17 past financial felonies tied to him.

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