Steve Knudson

Profile of Steve Knudson

Steve Knudson has over 39 years of experience working in the financial industry. He is an honoree of both Leaders Club and Blue Chip qualifications as well as receiving management council honors.

He is also a partner in a law firm, providing guidance and counseling for startup companies and founders, while doing pro bono representation of LGBTQ asylum seekers.

Early Life and Education

Steve Knudson grew up in Gilman, Nebraska. After attending Ben Lomond High School he went on to study business management at Weber State University where he earned his degree.

As soon as he graduated, he took over operations of E.H. Knudson Construction and engaged in numerous community projects, serving as president of Ogden Engineers Club and being appointed to St Joseph Catholic High School’s board of trustees.

Steve was an ardent family man who delighted in spending time with his wife, Nancy, and two children: Eric and Betsy. Additionally, Steve took great pleasure in exploring his artistic interests: studying great masters such as Michelangelo while visiting museums across the nation and overseas; his passion for painting encouraged him to express it whenever the chance presented itself.

Professional Career

Steve is committed to helping business owners and employees find quality employee benefits plans. With extensive experience providing fully insured, level funded, and self-funded plans he always puts the client’s needs and goals first.

He also pursues an artistic side project as an oil paint landscape and wildlife artist, drawing influence from Renaissance artists like Giotto as well as modern artists like Shimid.

At USD, she participated in law review and RD Hurd Pro Bono Society as well as working as an extern at the Supreme Court of South Dakota and Office of Attorney General. Upon graduating as a Tripp Fellow she currently resides in Hampton with her husband and dog where they enjoy outdoor activities, music concerts and traveling together.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has served his church, community and family in many capacities over his lifetime. He has formed lifelong friendships with people from diverse backgrounds and activities – his favorite activity being golf at Ogden Country Club!

Steve has made an outstanding impact at Connecticut Mutual (CM), earning numerous honors such as Leaders Club membership, Blue Chip awards, Management Council membership and licensure in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Missouri, Nevada Utah and Wyoming.

He served as law clerk to South Dakota’s first circuit court and graduated with honors from USD’s Knudson School of Law – earning Summa Cum Laude distinction – while also becoming involved in Women in Philanthropy and Trial Team organizations, and becoming an accomplished artist.

Personal Life

Knudson is married and is raising four children: Kenny, Kelsea, Kyler and Kevin. In his personal life he enjoys spending time with his family as well as watching Minnesota Vikings games; camping, hunting and intramural hockey are also among his interests.

Knudson combines his professional career with volunteerism and church involvement. For nine years he has served on the AV College Foundation Board; during that time he has helped increase degree awards from AV College.

His leadership within the insurance industry includes memberships in numerous leadership clubs and blue chip qualifiers as well as management council recognition. Licensed to operate in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming and with certified financial planner credentials to boot!

Net Worth

After his father’s passing, Steve became president and assumed operations of E.H. Knudson Construction, a family-run and owned construction business that has been in operation for over seven decades. Steve was actively engaged in his community by serving on the Ogden Engineers Club board and supporting St Joseph’s Catholic High School and Weber State University athletic teams; thanks to his open personality he made lifelong friendships wherever he went.

He was also a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Weber State University and currently works as the chief commercial officer of Profound Medical Corp, a commercial-stage company offering customizable incision-free therapies for treating diseased tissue ablation. His net worth has been estimated at $5 Million. Kenny currently resides with Shelley in Gwinnett County with their children Kenny, Kelsea, Kyler and Kevin.

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