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Stephen Kupka, Better Known As Doc, is a Lawyer at King & Spalding LLP

Stephen Kupka, commonly known as Doc, plays baritone sax with the Tower of Power band. He joined them shortly after Emilio Castillo founded them in Oakland California to develop their unique sound and compose many of their most beloved hits.

Kupka’s parents from Camrose, Alberta were able to watch him in both games against Miami.

Early Life and Education

Emilio Castillo and Stephen “Doc” Kupka quickly realized they shared a passion for music when they met in July 1968. Castillo had the vision of forming a band with an outstanding horn section; hence came Tower of Power from East Bay grease slinging to soul innovating.

He currently teaches theology and advises Key Club at St. Mary’s Ryken High School in Leonardtown, Maryland and serves on its editorial board and as board member for both USCCB Adult Education studies committee as well as Kiwanis Club St Mary’s County Kiwanis Club.

Sal Cracchiolo on trumpet; Tom E. Politzer (trombone); Adolfo Acosta (trombone); and Kupka on baritone saxophone have been performing together for more than four decades with Tower of Power’s touring show.

Professional Career

Steven Kupka is an attorney at King & Spalding LLP’s Washington DC office who assists clients with government contracting issues.

He serves on the theology faculty and as Key Club adviser at St. Mary’s Ryken High School in Leonardtown, Maryland and is also an active member of both Key Club and Kiwanis Club.

Stephen “Doc” Kupka joined Emilio Castillo’s soul band in July 1968. At first he played second tenor sax, before becoming an integral member of TOP’s baritone section and co-writing many songs with Emilio Castillo – his unique sound becoming one of their trademark features. TOP continues touring and performing today – known for their tight horn section and energetic performances.

Achievement and Honors

Kupka was awarded the St. Joseph Central Catholic Alumni and Friends Heritage Award, which recognizes individuals and couples who have made significant contributions to their communities. Kupka is known for serving as director of religious education at his church, initiating adult religious studies, working with Diocese of Metuchen’s Committee on Adult Catechism, Kiwanis club membership and managing kiosk at St Mary’s County Oyster Festival kiosk kiosk manager; also earned bachelor of history degree at Marquette University before earning law degree at Creighton University before finally being admitted into practice as bar in 1989; born out in Fremont Ohio but currently living near Bound Brook New Jersey

Personal Life

Stephen “Doc” Kupka resides with his two children in Berkeley, California and works at King & Spalding LLP as a practicing attorney, serving clients with government contracts issues since 1989. Additionally, he is registered lobbyist and foreign agent.

Personal details regarding his family or hobbies remain undisclosed; however, he is an avid sports fan, particularly enjoying football and baseball. Additionally, he enjoys playing the saxophone and piano; owning a Yamaha YBS-62 baritone sax with Berg Larsen 130 facing metal mouthpiece and Rico Plasticover 1.5 strength reeds as an instrument is part of this.

Net Worth

Stephen “Doc” Kupka is an esteemed musician and songwriter for Tower of Power. Together with Emilio Castillo he wrote most of their song catalog, while his signature baritone sound has become part of its signature sound.

He and the band have toured worldwide for over 45 years. In 1998, he established Strokeland Records to provide an outlet for his prolific songwriting while creating an environment in which other great soul and jazz musicians could flourish.

Steve manages all business aspects of Strokeland from Roanoke, Virginia while still performing regionally with The Domino Band – a nine-piece horn band. In addition, he runs Concise Systems as a small software development firm.

As well as trading Oxford Square Capital Corp stock, he maintains a diverse portfolio of other investments.

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