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This case was filed in Hillsborough County Courts’ Edgecomb Courthouse located in Tampa, Florida and overseen by Judge Ficarrotta N Ronald. The date of filing is 08/05/2020.

Early Life and Education

Norma Marteski was an incredible caregiver. She leaves behind her loving family and many loved ones: husband Ralph Marteski; children Peggy McGehee Horton of Maine, Jean Ann Marteski from Florida, Scott Michael McGehee from Hawaii and Keenan Dakota of Virginia as well as four great-grandchildren: Rachel White; Alice White; Jennifer and Mark Horton; Jeffrey Marteski; Madeleine McGehee; Michael McGehee; Arlo Millich and Rowan Dakota as well as four great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements by Hillsborough County Funeral Services.

On August 5, 2020, HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE filed the Complaint against MARTESKI, STEPHEN JOSEPH at Edgecomb Courthouse located in Hillsborough. Florida.

Professional Career

From 1952-1978 Marteski served our nation as a career intelligence officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. He saw action both in Thailand and Vietnam, developing innovative educational and humanitarian programs with both governments while drawing attention to unexpectedly strong allegiance among upcountry residents towards Vietcong forces. When retiring he received the Agency’s Career Intelligence Medal; upon being admitted as an attorney he also practiced law in Illinois, Iowa and DC courts. Lastly he was even admitted as a Supreme Court member! Marteski married and had four children all who shared strong Christian family values!

Personal Life

He was a man who dearly loved his family. Norma McGehee Horton passed away after a long battle with cancer on November 20, 2021; she was known for always placing family first and inspiring strong and confident individuals through life lessons she provided her children. Norma is survived by sister Shirley Brunell as well as by children Peggy McGehee Horton of Maine, Michael McGehee & Scott Marteski of Florida, Madeline McGehee of Hawaii & Rowan Dakota of Virginia as well as 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson

Stephen Marteski has three known connections in his network; these are Hank Delotty, Jeffrey Marteski and Tana Toll. Additionally, two public records exist detailing him; including one at Hillsborough County Courts Edgecomb Courthouse located in Hillsborough, FL.

Net Worth

Steve Marteski (known by his username Stevewilldoit on social media), an American YouTuber, Instagram Star and Influencer with a strong fan base, earns millions through YouTube and social media post to fund a lavish lifestyle through endorsements and sponsorships from brands – helping his family become financially secure at only 22! Stevemarteki also has a stunning girlfriend named Celina who also is well known on social media as well.

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