Steve Paine

Steve Paine – An Emmy Award-Winning Educator and Administrator

Steve specializes in the development and multi-source financing of energy and infrastructure projects. Additionally, he has participated in various corporate transactions relating to acquisition/sale of assets/equity interests.

Paine skillfully pairs mercy with justice by employing the story of Amboy Tavernkeeper and his child for maximum impact, drawing upon Christian consciousness to draw parallels between mercy and justice in Christian philosophy and continental warfare. His method allows Paine to focus his audience’s attention on family drama rather than grand strategic conflicts that had yet to begin.

Early Life and Education

Steven Paine, also known as Bavis, attended Fairmont State College before going on to serve as West Virginia State Superintendent of Schools from 2003 until 2010.

During his tenure, he led an ambitious reform initiative that significantly raised academic performance throughout the state. Furthermore, he guided the State Board of Education toward numerous achievements during its work, such as creating a public charter school system and new financing program.

As president of the Council of Chief State School Officers and member of the National Assessment Governing Board, he played an instrumental role in shaping national educational debates using his knowledge of federal law and policy to foster school innovation while using data analytics to improve student outcomes.

Professional Career

Steve Paine has made an outstanding professional impact through hard work and devotion. A well-recognized educator and administrator, Steve has held several leadership roles. Additionally, as part of both the Council of Chief State School Officers and National Assessment’s Governing Board he has participated in national education policy discussions.

He is an exceptional leader with strong communication skills who uses them to motivate his team members and push them toward reaching their goals. With a solid work ethic and constantly looking for ways to better his business, he serves as an amazing role model for young people encouraging them to follow their dreams and live out their potential. Additionally, he is highly active within his community serving on numerous boards and committees.

Achievement and Honors

Paine has served in various roles including teaching, assistant principaling, principaling, curriculum directorship, school district superintendentship and deputy state superintendent of schools. Additionally, he was county superintendent in Harrison, Upshur and Morgan counties and received the Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award in 2004.

As golf coach at Point University, he led them to their inaugural Appalachian Athletic Conference team championship in 2017 before repeating it three consecutive times thereafter. While in that capacity he also coached multiple all-conference players such as Francisco de Oliviera and Joao Magalhaes.

He graduated from Fairmont State College, holds master’s and doctorate degrees from West Virginia University, was elected state superintendent of schools twice (2005 & 2017), and over 300 students will receive their degrees at Saturday’s Winter Commencement ceremony.

Personal Life

Steve specializes in the development and multi-source financing of oil, gas and petrochemical projects and related asset and equity acquisitions in Asia. His area of specialization lies with developing and financing large energy projects.

Paine was an active member of both Taunton town government and Massachusetts legislature, participating in both the Boston Massacre trial and prosecution of Shays’ Rebellion members. Additionally, his pamphlet Common Sense helped galvanize support for independence from Great Britain.

He was an early proponent of British utopianism, including civic republicanism, faith in scientific progress as inevitable and support for free markets and liberty generally. Additionally, he opposed institutionalized religion while advocating free thought – his ideology influenced many 19th-century free thinkers and working class radicals from both Britain and America.

Net Worth

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