Steve Paint

Steve Paint

Steve takes great pleasure in painting outdoors and believes the atmosphere plays an integral role in creating emotion-packed works of art. His paintings combine the spontaneity of Impressionism with Old Masters techniques for maximum impact.

After years of silence, he resurfaced in 2019 to collaborate with Dana Jester to host landscape oil painting workshops.

Early Life and Education

Steve Paint stands out among other artists by possessing an exceptional quality: being able to capture both feelings and emotion in his paintings of scenes ranging from softly worn quilts, thin waves lapping on sandy shores or delicate facial expressions in children – his watercolor works capture them perfectly.

Steve hails from California and Colorado, where he discovered his talent for drawing. His works demonstrate masterful perspective and whimsical lines which demonstrate an innate artistic talent.

He took various odd jobs while pursing his love of art, such as working at a local grocery store and delivering orders directly to art galleries. Over time, his talent was recognized by an attorney-art enthusiast who assisted in connecting him with clients and expanding his business.

Professional Career

Steve Skipper is an artist of exceptional skill, possessing both Christian and secular influence that comes together in powerful pieces he paints. Additionally, his skill as a sports action and portrait painter has won him commissions from players from United States Football League team that once played in Birmingham; plus they’ve displayed at Pro Football Hall of Fame headquarters.

Bob Ross invited Steve onto his show to demonstrate oil painting techniques and became an instant hit, appearing eleven times over three seasons and earning himself even greater fame and fans. Later he established his own company and taught as a certified Bob Ross instructor – eventually touring as well.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has earned international renown for his vibrant brush strokes and vivid colors, his pieces can be found everywhere from homes, hotels and surfers shacks to Fox News studios and Coca-Cola bottling plants. Furthermore he creates paintings for major corporations such as AirTran/Southwest.

He excels in acrylic painting and also enjoys quick-painting events and plein air painting – winning several awards at both venues.

Steve Ross remains determined to carry on his father’s legacy despite recent tragedies that have marred his life, still carrying his dad’s enthusiasm with him. It was no secret why Bob Ross beamed with pride whenever his son made an appearance on The Joy of Painting; father and son made a special guest appearance together at its final episode and this special moment was captured on video.

Personal Life

After Bob Ross passed, many expected his son Steve would continue his legacy by running the painting company he’d known since childhood. Instead, Steve chose instead to spend most of his posthumous painting work alone for those willing to pay him.

Steve would later resurface in 2019, when he joined forces with Dana Jester to offer landscape oil painting workshops. These proved immensely popular and quickly earned Steve an audience.

He is widely recognized for his bold brush strokes and vibrant colors as well as his historical icon paintings. Often painting outside “en plein air,” as he believes the sounds and scents of nature play an integral role in conveying true emotion in paintings.

Net Worth

Steve Barton cars net worth is quite impressive; he is well known for his affinity towards crystal-clear white vehicles that always look brand new. Additionally, Steve is known as being an avid car enthusiast and regularly drives various kinds of vehicles around town.

As well as owning his namesake retail paint stores, he also partners in a company selling home decorating supplies and hosts landscape oil painting workshops. Furthermore, he has performed in numerous English and German productions as an actor/singer.

He serves as Honorary Chairperson of the Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation and Honorary Member of the University of Tennessee Athens Board of Education, while regularly hosting big-time TV shows like Family Feud.

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