Steve Patton

Steve Patton

Steve Patty is an expert in evaluation and leadership development. He has taught hundreds of leaders across North America and internationally.

He possesses a passion for the arts and delights in meeting fans, as well as enjoying sports such as San Francisco Giants baseball and sports in general. Additionally, his life is filled with family and music.

Early Life and Education

Steve’s parents understood his need to be challenged, so they decided to allow him to skip two grades. Steve found his new home at Crittenden Middle School, though often bullied by peers there. Additionally, he joined Hewlett-Packard Explorer’s Club where he discovered an interest in Nikola Tesla’s works.

The Craigs also took great pride in raising their daughter, born with billeria artresia and spending much of her teen years waiting on a liver transplant list before receiving one in 2009 and remaining part of their family until she died a year later. Raymond left behind an engraved dog tag bearing his name which his mother still wears; both shared an avid passion for gardening; dedicated members of St Stephen’s Episcopal Church; frequent volunteers during Tanabata festival cleaning up Little Tokyo from Los Angeles Street to Vignes Street to help make Little Tokyo truly “sparkle.”

Professional Career

Professionally, Steve is widely recognized as an authority on career technical education and workforce development. He collaborates with state and local leaders to design innovative, sustainable models of CTE while leading or providing content support for 19 cross-center projects.

He has served for more than 30 years as a consultant to organizations specializing in leadership development and organizational performance – among them Fortune 100 companies, universities and nonprofits.

Outside of work, Steve loves spending time with his family, friends and dogs. He enjoys RVing across the country, white water rafting and fly fishing as well as gardening and cooking. Steve has an immense love of music – particularly that of Sam Cooke – whom he greatly respects and his music is one of Steve’s favorites.

Achievement and Honors

Steve has established himself as an esteemed leader in Leadership Development and Evaluation Strategy. He has worked with numerous foundations and organizations throughout North America and internationally.

Journey’s iconic hit Don’t Stop Believin’ was used by the Chicago White Sox as part of their celebration for winning the 2005 World Series, with Steve Perry from Journey joining his fellow players on stage to perform it to the crowd.

Steve attended the New York premiere for Pain and Gain with his wife Kellie and assisted with editing Lifetime channel’s Breast Cancer Special Five. Additionally he donated signed items in aid of cancer research; having dealt with Melanoma Skin Cancer himself.

Personal Life

Steve is an enthusiastic family man and an ardent fan of the San Francisco Giants. He possesses a keen desire to assist individuals achieve their dreams and goals; his specialty lies in Leadership Development, Evaluation, Nonprofits as well as working with organizations, foundations and individuals across North America as well as internationally.

In 2000, his foster daughter was diagnosed with Billeria Artresia and required a liver transplant procedure, which went smoothly and resulted in them bonding strongly together – something they continue to share today.

Steve collaborated with John Kalodner on a Journey DVD entitled Greatest Hits + 5. Additionally, Steve provided singing vocals to Quest for Camelot animated movie as King Arthur in their song I Stand Alone; additionally releasing Christmas album The Season which became immensely popular.

Net Worth

American television personality Nick Cannon boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $200 Million, earned through various sources such as hosting shows and publishing books, book publishing royalties, running his own production house which earns significant earnings as well.

SteveWillDoIt boasts over 4.12 million subscribers on YouTube and entertains his subscribers by uploading viral game challenge videos. These include attempts such as: Eating 30 Burgers at Once!, Smoking 21 Joints for My 21st Birthday and Extreme Hot Box with David Dobrik.

As well as his professional work, he also participates in charitable efforts such as animal welfare and breast cancer awareness initiatives. He has taken part in various campaigns designed to raise funds for these causes.

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