Steve Ross Paints

Steve Ross Paints

Steve is a professional painter offering competitive pricing, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. He specializes in residential interior painting as well as commercial exterior painting – as well as carpentry services such as small carpentry projects and wallpaper removal.

As a certified Bob Ross instructor, he specializes in landscape oil paintings and has appeared on multiple episodes of his popular show.

Early Life and Education

Steve paints in an inimitable style that draws from Celtic interlace art of his ancestors and adapts it for acrylic painting. Additionally, he offers art classes as well as landscape oil painting workshops.

He spends hours each day behind a chain-link fence that he calls his cage, using loose brush strokes between dozens, sometimes hundreds of plywood panels. He has the unique talent for finding just one element that inspires him and then creating an entire painting based on it.

He is an immensely popular workshop instructor and demonstrator, his works appearing at local, state, national, and international exhibitions and galleries. Additionally, he holds certification as a Bob Ross Instructor (wet-on-wet technique master), having appeared three seasons on Bob Ross’ show.

Professional Career

After working as an engineering consultant for some time, Steve discovered his true calling – painting. After attending workshops and teaching art lessons for several years before developing his own unique style.

Steve spends most of his time painting indoors, mostly within an enclosure known as his “cage.” Each morning at 7 am he starts browsing examples and designing artwork that can then be cut by his ShopBot machine into wooden panels.

Steve excels at meticulous preparation, the cornerstone of any lasting and high-quality paint job. In addition to painting services, his company also provides sheet rock repair, wallpaper removal and small carpentry jobs throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties – and working with Steve is always enjoyable! His crew are all pleasant to deal with as well.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Ross is an internationally acclaimed artist renowned for his body of work. His work has been displayed at multiple solo, group and juried exhibitions as well as garnering various notable awards.

Starting his artistic journey by teaching paint classes, Bob Ross later found success with The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on television, where he would teach viewers how to paint landscapes while entertaining them with quick humor and double entendres.

Robert made his first appearance during season one. Bob seemed very proud to show his son off to viewers. Unfortunately, things did not turn out according to plan and Robert lost many assets of the company he’d hoped to inherit in time.

Personal Life

Steve is an active philanthropist who provides free Peace Sign paintings to children attending his workshops. Additionally, he supports gang kids by hiring them as assistants and offering them hope for a brighter future.

He possesses exceptional talent with both transparent watercolors and gouache (an opaque type of watercolor), earning awards from various entities such as the New Jersey Watercolor Society, American Artists Professional League, Washington Square Outdoor Art Show, Rittenhouse Sq Art show, Rockport Art Assn and others.

Bob Ross had a son named Steve whom they would spend time painting together. Following Bob’s death in 2021, Steve went into hiding but eventually returned in 2021 to fight a legal battle against Joan Kowalski who claimed that all of Ross’ art-related rights had passed on to her as inheritance.

Net Worth

Steve Ross is one of the best-known American painters, known for his vibrant brush strokes and vivid hues as well as historical icon paintings.

His workshops and demonstrations span across the nation, helping many thousands of people learn to paint.

In 2021, Bob became embroiled in a heated controversy following the release of a Netflix documentary on his father. The Kowalskis claimed Bob had granted them ownership rights over his painting technique and other assets related to it.

Austin Chumlee Russell, co-host of Pawn Stars on History Channel, is himself an extremely wealthy businessman. His fortune was built through various means, including appearing as one of their judges on Pawn Stars.

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