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Steve Slaby, the Last Man Standing at the Capital Backyard Ultra, Dies at 86

At every backyard ultra, only one winner remains, and Steven Slaby just made history at the Capital Backyard Ultra by being the last man standing. To secure victory he needed to complete the final 6.7K lap within one hour for victory.

Slaby was an expert in descriptive geometry and engineering graphics, teaching his students to consider the social impacts of technology. Additionally, he was deeply immersed in his community by serving on several committees.

Early Life and Education

Steve Slaby was an interdisciplinary scholar and educator renowned for his expertise in descriptive geometry and engineering graphics as well as understanding its impact on society. For almost four decades at Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science faculty he taught students to consider both political and social ramifications of technology; especially dedicated to engineering projects for developing countries, particularly Vietnam reconstruction efforts as well as solar energy initiatives across the Caribbean region. On July 5, at age 86 he passed away.

Slaby discovered her passion for running when taking part in a physical readiness test for Navy Officer Candidate School application. Luckily, she passed it and discovered running was perfect fit.

Professional Career

As an engineering professor, Slaby published 10 books and numerous articles on descriptive geometry – a mathematical system used to visualize three-dimensional objects – while also organizing an interdisciplinary seminar series focused on engineering graphics and encouraging his students to apply their talents towards solving social problems.

Slaby was also Team USA’s second-longest distance runner in a backyard ultramarathon, covering 72 yards for 300 miles and coming within four loops of winning the United States national championship. Furthermore, Slaby took part in three Last Man Standing events similar to marathons but without support or stopping.

Slaby was an active member in both his community and beyond, serving on committees for the Mercer County Improvement Authority, Princeton Sewer Operating Company and East Trenton Neighborhood Council and Community Center. Additionally, he belonged to both American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Sigma Xi for his scientific research endeavors.

Achievement and Honors

Slaby was well known for his work in descriptive geometry and engineering graphics; in addition, he advocated a more socially responsible approach to technology by engaging students from other fields in his seminars on technology and society. Additionally, he was an active member of both American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and Sigma Xi (the scientific research society).

He was an outstanding activist both abroad and at home, taking part in reconstruction efforts in Vietnam and solar energy projects in the Caribbean. Additionally, he was active within his local community by serving on both the Mercer County Improvement Authority Solid Waste Disposal Planning Committee and Princeton Sewer Operating Committee.

To recognize his efforts, the International Society for Geometry and Graphics established the Steve M. Slaby Award, presented biannually at COMPUGRAPHICS conference series. Steve is survived by a daughter and son-in-law; three nieces, two nephews, and a great grandson.

Personal Life

He was an activist throughout his life and was actively engaged with the Program in African-American Studies on campus. Additionally, he published 10 books and numerous articles on descriptive geometry – a mathematical system used for visualizing three-dimensional objects used in engineering and manufacturing applications.

Slaby was an avid runner and loved exploring nature. He enjoyed long distance running, being part of a local running group in Kitsap County and was remembered by his wife Gina; children Anthony and Ginny Slaby of Onalaska; Noah and Sarah Slaby from Arcadia; Kathryn Peterson of Lockhart Texas and Kendra Rupp and Jeremy Rupp from Duluth Minnesota as well as grandchildren.

“Slaby was everything a Princeton professor should be: inquisitive and active in challenging his students to reimagine the world in ways they deemed beneficial,” according to U.S. District Judge Jerome Simandle a 1971 graduate of Slaby’s Technology and Society seminar.

Net Worth

Steve Slaby is estimated to be worth $35-49K. An active member in various communities and organizations such as American Society for Engineering Education and scientific research society Sigma Xi, Steve serves on both their endowment and annual fund committees as well as being on Milestones Autism Resources board of directors and serving on endowment and annual fund committees.

He’s an enthusiastic runner who competes in several ultramarathons (races that last longer than marathons but shorter than full triathlons), winning several such events over time and plans on continuing his running pursuits into the future.

He is survived by his wife, daughter and two grandchildren as well as brothers and sisters as well as nieces and nephews. To honor his memory a memorial contribution can be made in his name to Heifer International.

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