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Steve Twist – Arizona Voice for Crime Victims

Twist helped pioneer non-profit victim services when he founded Arizona Voice for Crime Victims clinic in 1996. This was the first clinic of its kind offering legal and social support to victims of crime.

But some argue that his ongoing influence over laws he helped shape is unfair to victims of crime. On Gavel to Gavel this week, we examine his power.

Early Life and Education

He was active as both a lobbyist and founder of several conservative public policy groups, such as the Goldwater Institute – active in Arizona Legislation. Twist also helped found Arizona Voice for Crime Victims – a non-profit providing legal representation to crime victims.

In 1994, Twist worked alongside other members of his team to pass laws in Arizona that abolished parole and required prisoners to serve 85% of their sentences; using this opportunity as a platform to spread his ideas nationally.

As a result of his work, most nonviolent offenders in prison today are there due to drug crimes; yet research indicates they would fare better if treatment instead. Twist continues his advocacy for his policies; allies include former Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery and Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk who regard him as their friend.

Professional Career

As an attorney, Twist has helped shape laws and policy related to victim rights, crime prosecution and criminal justice. He has worked in courts, law schools and legislative chambers advocating on behalf of crime victims of all races, creeds and national origins.

Twist was among the founding members of Arizona Voice for Crime Victims clinic – one of the first clinics of its kind nationwide – and has authored legislation protecting crime victims’ rights. Additionally, his extensive network includes governors, legislators, state supreme court judges, county prosecutors and county administrators who rely on him to oppose any changes to criminal justice policies.

Twist never sought elective office, yet over the past four decades he has made an indelible mark on policies that created one of the nation’s harshest state criminal justice systems. He fought to keep people in prison longer, impose harsher sentences, and prevent early releases.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Twist has earned widespread acclaim as an advocate for victims’ rights, receiving an award from the Department of Justice as an outstanding victim rights pioneer. Additionally, his efforts have solidified him as a major force in Arizona politics.

When lawmakers discuss changes to criminal law, they often consult him; he’s the expert who helps explain to opponents why certain proposals would harm crime victims.

He founded the Goldwater Institute, which enjoys strong representation at both levels of government. Additionally, he serves on both state charter boards and foundations that select judges.

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Personal Life

Steve Twist has had an extraordinary impact on non-profit victim services despite lacking formal education or training in victim advocacy. He founded several organizations dedicated to victims of crime. Additionally, his first book Annie’s Ghosts: A Journey Into Family Secret was published in 2009 and received national acclaim.

Twist has made his career advocating for tough-on-crime policies, serving both as a lobbyist and assistant state attorney general he helped write laws which keep people incarcerated longer.

As a victim advocate, he has helped families of victims of violent crimes. He has spoken at universities and conferences on his work before appearing on radio and television broadcasts such as Washington Post Live!, Parade Magazine Live!, Detroit News Live!, Diane Rehm Show Live! among many others.

Net Worth

He has amassed an enormous net worth through social media accounts, brand endorsements and sponsorships, investments and his now-deleted YouTube channel. Popularly known by his moniker tWitch, this man has seen massive paychecks come his way each season from appearances on Ellen DeGeneres Show and So You Think You Can Dance; these shows earn millions each season!

Twist’s lifelong dedication has been to victims of crime and their rights. He has helped shape laws and policies throughout California – such as writing Marsy’s Law into legislation.

Heather Grossman was shot during an act of domestic violence and remains paralyzed from the neck down, and described Twist as her lifesaver; he provided them with resources while pursuing their insurer for 24-hour nursing care coverage.

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