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The Family of a Police Chief in Sharonville, Ohio, Has Released a Statement

Steven Vanover was 56 when he died unexpectedly from medical emergency last week. His family released an official statement following his passing.

The Steven Vanover Foundation made two donations totalling $25,000 to both hospitals that cared for him prior to his sarcoma diagnosis and our three-star rating in our evaluation of finances and accountability.

Early Life and Education

Steven approached life with an adventurous spirit and never allowed anything to hold him back from living his dreams. A large-than-life figure who prioritized family, friends, and education above everything else.

He was appointed Sharonville Police Chief in March 2018, having previously held positions in Mason and Milford departments. He leaves behind his wife Pam, sons Bradley and Matthew as well as one grandson.

In December 2013 he was diagnosed with Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors (DSRCT), an aggressive form of cancer. He underwent treatment at Norton Cancer Institute in Louisville, Kentucky as well as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City – both world-renowned institutions specializing in sarcoma research and treatment.

Professional Career

Sunshine Vanover has been with ORC Engineering, an engineering firm operating nationwide projects since 2012. She recently led the SH99 Grand Parkway project in Texas.

She is actively involved with fundraising efforts for Norton Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan Kettering hospitals, and has written checks for both of them.

Drone racing has become Vanover’s primary focus these days and he spends much of his time training for it. His abilities have garnered Hollywood’s notice and have even allowed him to work on major motion picture cinematography shoots! Furthermore, he collaborated with RED cameras in developing new drone technology; yet according to him it was all just part of his childhood dream as he would help aircraft owners by fixing various things within their aircrafts!

Achievement and Honors

Steven Vanover faced every day with optimism and adventure, refusing to allow an unexpected diagnosis deter him from following his dreams. He graduated from UofL’s Speed School of Engineering, worked as a new product development engineer at Universal Woods, and took leadership roles within Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

Vanover’s family will mark his memory this Saturday by participating in Norton’s fifth annual Spin for Steven fundraiser for cancer research. Participants ride stationary bikes for 15-minute increments on stationary bikes rented out by Alex McGrath, chair of this event at Pike and junior double major English and Philosophy student; around 500 are anticipated to participate.

This event supports a scholarship fund established in his name to award students who pursue academic excellence and perform good deeds on campus.

Personal Life

Vanover lived each day with an adventurous spirit and never let life’s obstacles get in his way of pursuing his goals. He enjoyed flying drones, completed items on his bucket list, and remained active.

As this sport can be costly, an initial setup can cost as much as $1,500 not including batteries and other consumable parts that must be periodically updated or replaced. At first he used mowing lawns during summers to cover expenses but soon moved onto traveling around and racing all around the world.

Vanover has gone above and beyond his professional achievements to give back to the community. He serves as an Ambassador for the American Medical Association and helps run one of only a few clinical trials on desmoplastic small round cell tumors (DSRCT), in addition to creating three academic scholarships at University of Louisville J.B. Speed School of Engineering.

Net Worth

Vanover makes a comfortable living from drone racing, earning an average annual income between $50,000 to $75,000. His sponsorships also help pad his bank account.

He is a proud father and husband who relishes spending time with his family – including sons Bradley and Matthew, Tess and Cassie his daughter-in-laws, grandson Jordan, daughter-in-law Tess and Cassie as well as fiancee Marjorie and their granddaughter Jordan. An avid Cincinnati Reds fan, his favorite hobby includes listening to them play while mowing lawns or sitting beach side with his wife or being an attentive papaw for his grandson Jordan.

He resides at 200 Goat Hill Rd in Peach Bottom, PA 19363. Additionally he maintains residences in Rockwall, Texas as well as Peach Bottom. He holds a pilot’s license for both “real planes” and drones and is working towards receiving one for both types.

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