Steven Bronson

Steven Bronson, Actor & Entrepreneur

Norma Page’s family opposes attempts to place her admitted killer into a nursing home, but the assistant state attorney who had planned on prosecuting him now advocates moving him to an institution offering round-the-clock care.

Bronson serves as President and CEO of Qualstar Corporation, a provider of high-quality data storage solutions under its N2Power brand name, as well as being an advisor on its Boards (4net Software Inc. and BKF Capital Group Inc).

Early Life and Education

In the 1960s, Bronson gained recognition with leading roles in movies such as The Magnificent Seven (1960), The Great Escape (1963), This Property Is Condemned (1966) and The Dirty Dozen (1967). Additionally he appeared on several popular television programs and films.

He became an international sensation during the late 1960s thanks to his performances in French- and Italian-made movies. Alain Delon was so taken with his performance in Machine Gun Kelly that he hired him as co-star in Adieu L’Ami (1968), while Sergio Leone cast him as lead character in Once Upon a Time in the West (1969).

Steve has extensive experience representing victims in personal injury claims ranging from car accidents and airplane crashes, medical malpractice and wrongful deaths throughout California.

Professional Career

Bronson started out his film career with smaller roles in B movies such as Gang War, Showdown at Boot Hill, and Machine Gun Kelly before perfecting his acting abilities to star in three Westerns – Chato’s Land, A Fistful of Dollars, and The Valachi Papers.

He had a prolific television career, appearing on popular programs such as Medic, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Gunsmoke and M Squad.

Steven quickly gained fame across Europe, earning the nicknames Il Brutto or “The Ugly One” and Monstre sacre (Holy Monster). Steven still acts in film and TV as well as practicing law – his firm Smoger & Associates represents individuals injured by defective medical devices or homeowners victimized by Option ARM mortgage fraud schemes.

Achievement and Honors

Bronson is an experienced business person, having held various leadership roles over his long career. With extensive knowledge in operations and management, he utilized it to establish several of his own companies such as BKF Capital Group LLC (Chaired by Bronson himself), Interlink Electronics Inc (CEO), Ridgefield Acquisition Corp and Ridgefield Acquisition Corp.

Early in his career, Bronson appeared in several films; however, audiences only truly appreciated his acting chops after Death Wish. Playing Paul Kersey, an architect in Manhattan who takes matters into his own hands to serve out frontier justice to a criminal element, Bronson became a box office success and went on to star in action movies such as Mr. Majestyk and Hard Times but his acting career never reached those heights again after Death Wish.

Personal Life

Steven Bronson possesses over three decades of business and entrepreneurial experience, and his skills in finance, operations and management have allowed him to acquire stakes in promising technology companies and assume CEO roles with these ventures. Steven’s success at turning around businesses has proven itself.

Recently, Public Justice Foundation and Missouri Lawyers Media awarded him as their 2012 Trial Lawyer of the Year. As part of his private practice, he has represented clients involved in automobile accidents, medical malpractice claims, pharmaceutical injury/death cases, consumer fraud claims, intentional torts cases as well as intentional tort claims.

When his son turned into a sissy, his father decided to toughen him up by taking him out into rural Mexico for one week of roughing it. While the trial resulted in symbolic verdict, it nonetheless provided the community with insight into the damage drunk drivers can do.

Net Worth

Bronson spent over 50 years in prison before reaping financial success as an actor, amassing two luxury homes and multiple businesses that estimated his net worth at approximately $350 Million.

Bronson began his career as a coal miner before transitioning into film, where he quickly rose to stardom playing both tough action heroes and villains for Death Wish movies of revenge. His charismatic image quickly made him a wildly popular icon.

Bronson has held positions with various public technology companies, such as Interlink Electronics and 4net Software, where he is widely credited with turning around their fortunes. Now, he serves as CEO of Ridgefield Acquisition Corp. – a shell company looking for merger or business combination opportunities with viable operating entities.

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